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    • Pest Control London Eng

      Welcome to Integrum Services. We are one of the most experienced and effective pest control companies in London. Throughout our 70+ years of combined experience, we have solved pest issues for the BBC and British Airways at Heathrow and Gatwick. So, you can have faith that we will solve your pest problem no matter the size.

      Pest Control In London

      Specialist Pest Control London

      Integrum Services provides expert London pest control services. We have a large team of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) qualified technicians available for both domestic (home) and commercial (business) services in London and its surrounding areas.


      From 24-hour emergency services in London that needs a same-day response to scheduling bird proofing and control jobs for commercial buildings, we’re here to help. We guarantee that our highly trained exterminators are experienced and knowledgeable and can deliver the best pest control in London.


      If you have just discovered pests in your home or business, we recognise it can be distressing. London has an enormous population which is dense and contains over 9 million people. Therefore, if you’ve noticed a pest in your property, don’t worry, it’s common for homes and business to have pest problems in the UK’s Capital. Our expert service is available in Greater London, North London, South London, East London and West London, ensuring your home or property is free from vermin such as rats and mice, pests such as bed bugs, ants, moths as well as nuisance birds.


      Our London based team is entirely qualified to handle professional-grade poisons, chemicals and equipment. If you would like to discuss pest control prices and the issues they may be causing in your home or business, please call us on 0208 914 7894.

      Signs Of Pests In Your London Property?

        Pests in Your London Home?

        Domestic Pest Control for your London home

        London’s huge population means that there is more chance than ever you’ll come across a pest problem at one time or another. We’ve seen all pest problems in Greater London, bed bug infestations, cockroaches in kitchens, ants in your home, even pigeons nesting under solar panels! As horrible as it may be to find out you have a pest problem, you’re not alone, our team of 24-hour pest control London specialists are here 7 days a week to help.

        Pest Control For Rodents

        We offer professional mice and rat removal services in London and its surrounding areas. Rodents such as mice and rats cause havoc in the crowded urban city of London. 


        Rat control London

        Have you noticed rats in or around your property? It’s a common issue to see rats in and around the Capital. If so, it’s crucial to act straight away and take action to get rid of rats. Please call today to discuss your rat issue.


        Mice control London

        Have you noticed mice in your home? If left untreated, a house mouse problem can multiply quickly and spread their urine and faeces, containing harmful pathogens. Check out our tips on controlling mice in the house to find common signs that mice may be in your property. Once identified, it’s essential to contact our team to send out a highly qualified British Pest Control Association (BPCA) technician to conduct mice control and solve your pest problem.


        rodent problem in london

        Bird Control in London

        Our team has carried our many bird proofing jobs to control pigeons, seagulls and more at homes and businesses. With the significant health implications caused by birds, you want a brand you can trust. Integrum Services is an industry-leading company and has delivered bird proofing services at sites such as Gatwick and Heathrow for British Airways. Not to mention, we are the sole UK supplier of the cutting edge BirdAlert system, which is revolutionising the pest control industry across the UK.


        London Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing

        Are birds nesting under your solar panels? Since the solar together London program launched, more and more homeowners are making their properties greener and are unfortunately realising the damage birds can cause to their investment. It’s a common problem that solar panel installers always forget to mention. We’ve completed many pigeon proofing solar panels jobs around London. Therefore, if you’ve spotted birds like pigeons nesting under your solar panels, contact us today for a free quote.


        bird problem in london

        Moth control London

        Moth pest infestations are seen all too often in London homes and are usually not an initial concern for homeowners. However, if you notice any signs of moths or have tried to remove moths yourself and failed, then call us to discuss your options. We have a range of services and solutions such as fumigation to solve your moth pest control problem.

        Bed Bug Control London

        Bed bugs are one of the most challenging pests to get rid of, and only a bed bugs London pest control companies should attempt to remove them. We carry out bed bug treatments in London and its surrounding areas on all types of properties, domestic or commercial.

        Other London Pests

        If your pest problem was not mentioned above, do not worry. We’ve seen and solved every pest problem you could imagine, please look below for a full list of the services we offer in London.

        Wasps nest removal

        We offer 24 hour emergency wasps nest removal services. Please pick up the phone and call our office for more information.

        Ant control

        Ant control treatment plans to remove ants from your home or commercial building.

        Flea treatment

        Fleas usually come from animals such as cats or dogs. However, once in your home, they can be difficult to get rid of.

        How Can We Support Your Business?

        Commercial Pest Control Service for your London Business

        Integrum Services is here to help protect your businesses liability and reputation with our commercial pest control. There are over 1 million private sector businesses in London, consisting of hospitals, restaurants, construction sites, schools, and offices. Furthermore, lots of these industries require pest control services to stay legally compliant. So, have confidence that our 70+ years of combined experience makes us pest control experts, and we will protect your business and customers from pest or bird problem.

        Aviation and Airports

        We're the leading pest control company in the UK for aviation pest control. We currently have sites at Gatwick, Heathrow and Birmingham and can cover any airport across the UK, 24 hours a day. Our services for the aviation sector range from bird dispersal to rodent, bug and bird control.

        Schools and Universities

        Our pest control services have already helped universities and schools across London. Education facilities make perfect nesting grounds for unwanted pests, and we're equipped to deal with all issues in schools, colleges, universities and learning centres. At the same time, being mindful and using non-toxic control methods when possible.


        Pest control in the healthcare industry is crucial to combat cross-contamination. A pest issue at a healthcare facility could be disastrous, considering the sterile environment that is needed to operate effectively. With proactive monitoring of pests, we can solve problems in hospitals, nursing homes and surgeries. Click the link below to learn more about our healthcare pest control services.

        Construction Sites

        If your planning a new construction site, have you considered pest-proofing your building? Pest control is overlooked when it comes to the construction of new corporate buildings or homes. Being proactive and planning to proof buildings before the build with the help of a pest control company can save costs in the long run. For example, we visit many sites which architecturally look fantastic but never planned for birds gathering and damaging them once complete.


        As a business owner, the last thing you want to worry about is a pest infestation in your office. We can help provide your staff with a clean, safe and pest-free working environment. We're also capable of delivering professional disinfection services to combat the spread of COVID-19, helping your office staff return to work quicker.

        Restaurants and Food Manufacturing

        Operating a pest and bird free environment is essential for catering, food retail, food production and food preparation buildings. Under the law, as a food business, you must take every step possible to prevent pests damaging or contaminating your stock. Whether you are a small bakery or food warehousing centre, we can implement advanced pest management plans.

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