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Bird Control

  • Expert bird control services across the UK
  • Protect your business premises from the threat of all bird species
  • 70+ years of combined experience in the bird control sector
  • British pest control association members
  • Solutions like bird spikes, bird netting, bird wire and bird alert
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Integrum bird control team at Heathrow airport

The UK’s Specialist Bird Control Company

Pest birds can cause severe damage if not controlled, with costs mounting the longer they are left. The birds we find cause the most damage to businesses include pigeons and gulls. Other birds, such as starlings, rooks, crows and geese, can all cause damage but are not as prevalent. To avoid damage to the roof of your premises, stock or the risk of customers slipping on guano (droppings), you should inquire about bird control solutions as soon as you notice the problem. Some of our bird control services include:

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Expert Pigeon and Seagull Bird Control

Our experience in pigeon and seagull pest control stems from our work with aviation companies like British Airways and IAG Cargo, where effective bird proofing is imperative. In addition, we have a range of methods, such as bird spikes and bird netting, available to regulate birds at construction sites, offices, airports, hospitals, food production centres and schools.

Choosing the correct bird control method can be challenging without the advice of an expert. Therefore, our surveyors will visit your site for free to conduct an audit and advise which bird control solution you should use. To arrange an audit of your current bird management procedures or to discuss our full range of bird control options, call Integrums head office on 0204 566 5522.

Pigeon Spikes Installed by Integrum

Why Is Bird Control Needed?

Birds such as pigeons and gulls are known to cause problems, and over the years, Integrum has helped businesses across the UK with bird control services to combat the following bird problems:

  • Risk to public health: Birds spread hazardous diseases through bird droppings that humans can catch, like Salmonella, E.Coli, Mites and Fungal infections.
  • Damage to buildings: Bird droppings cover public areas such as pavements and entrances resulting in a considerable risk of slipping. Furthermore, birds often perch from window ledges, contaminating the floor below. Bird guano is also acidic and, if left untreated, can result in structural damage.
  • Noise: Birds such as gulls are extremely loud and can cause residents to file complaints if they use your building for nesting.
  • Behavioural issues: It’s common for birds to attack during March and September (breeding season) as they think they are protecting their nest and young.

Bird Netting

Bird netting installation services for pigeons, gulls, rooks and crows.

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Bird Spikes

Exclude birds from your property with the installation of bird spikes.

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Bird Alert

Bird Alert is the bird scarer revolutionising the bird control industry.

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Flock Off

Flock Off uses electromagnetism to effectively deter all bird pests permanently.

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Low voltage electric shock systems to deter birds such as pigeons and seagulls.

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Bird Deterrent Wire

Post and wire bird control systems are a discreet method for commercial buildings.

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Bird Dropping Removal

Remove bird guano with our health and safety-focused bird-dropping removal.

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Bird Proofing

Learn more about all the bird proofing services we provide.

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Pigeon Control

Pigeons carry diseases and destroy buildings, making them essential to control.

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Seagull Control

Seagulls are extremely loud and cause serious disruption for businesses.

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Bird Control Case Studies