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Drain Unblocking

Get fast drain unblocking from the experts at Integrum Services

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Professional Drain Unblocking Services

Blocked drains can be a nightmare for businesses, especially those that are open to the public or have health concerns to contend with, such as food storage or patient health.

Even homeowners face serious issues when dealing with a drain problem. Drains remove the waste from our properties, so if they’re not flowing correctly, this can quickly become a disgusting hazard.

For domestic and commercial clients, Integrum is here to help with our drain unblocking solutions. Our team have extensive experience in drain unblocking and uses the latest drain cleaning technology to ensure that the issue is removed promptly.

To prevent blockages in the future, we also offer regular drain cleaning services to clients across London and the South East. If the issue is severe, we can identify any drain problems by carrying out a CCTV drain survey.

Our drain services ensure that homes and commercial properties across London are safe from blockages and that you can enjoy your space without having to worry about drainage issues.

All of our drain engineers have extensive experience unblocking drains and providing prompt drain cleaning services that will reduce disruption to your home or business.

To book your drain unblocking or find out more about our drainage services offering, contact us today.

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Signs Of A Blocked Drain

The main drains leading to and from your property are an important part of your wastewater system, so when they get blocked, it’s easy to tell. Some common signs of blocked drains include:

  • Gurgling noises from plugholes
  • Slow drainage
  • Bad smells
  • Raised water levels
  • Overflowing manholes

In the UK, drains within the property boundary are the responsibility of the owner, so if you own a commercial building or home in the London area that’s got blocked drains, then you need to take quick action. Integrum offers a cost-effective solution with our drain unblocking service.

Why Choose Integrum For Drain Unblocking?

Fast Service

When you've got an overflowing toilet and blocked drains, you need quick service and minimal disruption, which is the focus of Integrum's drain unblocking service.

Cost-Effective Drain Unblocking

With fixed-price drain unblocking and no hidden fees, we can ensure that you get an affordable solution to your drain problems.

State-Of-The-Art Drain Clearing Equipment

Our team use the latest high-pressure drain unblocking solutions to fix your drainage issues quickly and effectively.

Full Drain Services Offered

As well as drain unblocking, Integrum can also provide CCTV surveys and drain cleaning to reduce the chances of future blockages.

How Integrum Unblocks Drains

When we get a call out to a new drain clearance job, the first thing our team will do is check the source of the problem.

Usually, drain blockages are caused by solid waste, such as wet wipes, kitchen towels or nappies being disposed of down toilets. These items can’t break down in water like regular toilet tissue, so they cause a blocked drain.

Alternatively, if oil or other liquid fats are poured down drains, they can solidify in the waste pipes and require emergency drain clearance.

Other common causes of a drain blockage include leaves blowing into drains or broken pipes from heavy rain, storms or rats chewing their way into the pipes.

Whatever the reason, our team can assess the problem and provide expert drain cleaning to fix your drainage problems.

To get your clogged drain cleared quickly and provide the efficient service you expect, our expert engineers use high-pressure jetting solutions to remove debris from your drain. If you require extensive drain repairs, we can recommend a suitable service provider to get your drain working properly again in no time.

If you want to find out more about our London drain unblocking service, then give us a call on 0204 566 5522.