Commercial Pest Control

Reduce your risk with our commercial pest management services, delivered across London and the southeast of England. Covering a range of industries, we're able to deliver cost-effective and responsive pest and bird control across multi-site and single-site locations.

Expert Pest Control Services for All Businesses

Industries such as aviation and airports, education, healthcare, offices, construction and food processing are at high risk from diseases that pests and birds carry.


Integrum is proud to offer pest services for commercial industries across London and the southeast. Get in touch now on 0208 914 7894 or open our live chat to discuss our risk reduction plans and to organise a free site survey.


Commercial pest reduction is not new to our experienced team; we provide pest control to commercial clients such as British Airways, IAG Cargo, the BBC and Raven Housing Trust across London. Our 70 years of combined experience provides us with the knowledge to solve problems and help your business become pest-free with fast and effective solutions.


How Can We Help Your Business?

No matter the size of the pest problems at your business, we’re here to solve the problem for good. A few mice? Birds causing damage? Bed bug infestation? Our pest control services help your business stay legally compliant and avoid the risk of lost revenue through closure.


  • Passionate, available and cost-effective – we’re passionate about solving problems and won’t settle until your business has 0 risks from pest and bird activity. Our large team allows us to offer excellent availability and competitive commercial rates. Call us on 0208 914 7894 to discuss your pest problem.
  • Highly qualified technicians – our commercial clients only receive staff that have completed and passed their RSPH level 2 award in pest management.
  • Discreet vans – although pest control is needed across all industries, we understand your need for discreet vans. Furthermore, your brand reputation is important to us, and we can send exterminators completely unbranded.
  • Innovation – we’re revolutionising industries such as bird control across the UK with our BirdAlert product. Furthermore, we’re always using new and exciting technology such as our 24/7 pest monitoring cameras.


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Commercial Pest Control for Your Industry

Our commercial exterminator services are available to all industries. Pests can cause costly damage when left untreated, so we always recommend acting as soon as you notice any signs of an infestation.


Some of the most common issues we deal with due to late action on pests include:


  • Building and structural damage due to bird droppings and chewed ingress points;
  • Brand reputation as a customer may have noticed pests at your business;
  • Large infestations that have multiplied due to encouraged breeding;
  • Wasted stock, material and products due to damage caused by pest problems;
  • Risk to public, staff and customer health and safety as pests and birds are known to carry diseases.


Our long term pest control experience has helped the following industries:


  • Aviation and airports: The aviation industry is constantly at worry about bird risk. Birds can cause significant damage to aeroplanes, and the diseases they carry cause risk to public health. Our work in the aviation sector has been to prevent birds from having areas to nest, roost and to make the environment unattractive for birds in the first place.
  • Construction: The construction industry often leaves pest problems as an afterthought. However, working with a pest control company like ourselves can save thousands in identifying and treating ingress (entry) points. In addition, we’re able to work alongside your team when planning construction sites to identify areas in which pests may gain access and recommend suitable measures to prevent this.
  • Education: Schools, universities, and education facilities have benefited from our bird control and pest control. We understand the challenges of the education sector and the forethoughts needed to protect staff, pupils and parents. Our education pest control services can help prevent slipping risks caused by birds, diseases spread by rodents and cockroaches, as well as reputational damage.
  • Healthcare: Our healthcare pest control treatments help environments such as hospitals and nursing homes stay free from pest risk. We’re experienced in operating under strict hygiene controls to reduce any risk of cross-contamination in the healthcare setting. Our objective within this industry is to help environments stay free from pests and limit diseases and hazards transferred to patients. 
  • Food Industry: Pest control within restaurants, kitchens and food processing plants is essential due to diseases. Furthermore, you are also required to uphold some government regulations regarding food hygiene. Therefore, our pest control solutions for this industry can help you stay legally compliant and reduce any risk of closure from environmental health. 
  • Offices and public buildings: Offices and public buildings such as churches and council-owned properties can also be impacted by the damage caused by pests. Our services for all industries are bespoke as each business may require a different pest removal strategy. Therefore, we need our surveyor to visit your site to provide a free survey. 

Why Choose Integrum?

Free Surveys

Understanding the costs behind a dedicated pest control service is essential. Our BPCA and RSPH certified surveyors can visit your site to discuss your pest problem and put together a bespoke pest reduction plan.

Highest Quality

We only offer the highest quality staff available for our commercial clients. Therefore, RSPH Level 2 is the minimum you will receive, and we also have staff who hold IPAF, PASMA, and the BPCA Diploma 2 qualifications.

Excellent Reviews

It's important to know you're working with the best commercial pest control company in London. Read our reviews on Checkatrade, Google, and Trustpilot to see just how good we are.


We are CEPA certified in the UK, which helps protect customers, public health and the environment with responsible pest control. Furthermore, we are proud members of Checkatrade, CHAS, BPCA and hold the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

British Airways

Our commercial experience includes clients such as British Airways at Heathrow and Gatwick airport. The leading service we have provided is bird proofing, as birds at an airport are hazardous. However, we've also helped them with pest control solutions for rodents and insects. For example, for British Airways, we implemented our 24/7 rodent monitors to stay up to date with all potential pest activity that may be happening at their premises.

Raven Housing Trust

We're proud to have offered commercial pest control treatments to a range of different industries. For example, Raven Housing Trust is a social housing provider and has a portfolio of over 7000 homes across Surrey and Sussex. They contacted our team due to an issue of pigeons nesting under their solar panel investments and causing damage. Our pigeon proofing solar panel team sanitised the area, removing all guano for the panels and installed a high-quality 25mm galvanised steel mesh to prevent birds from nesting under them in the future.

IAG Cargo

We've worked in the airport and aviation sector for many years, and we're the company of choice for pest control at airports. Recently, we have helped IAG cargo with disinfection services to combat bacterias and viruses such as COVID-19. The threat imposed from the recent coronavirus outbreak was serious, and airport cargo units like IAG had to be proactive to ensure all packages, people, and cargo arriving in the UK was free from any threat of COVID-19.

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