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If you have a mice problem, don't delay! It's crucial to contact our Mice Control team today to protect you and your loved ones.

Expert Mice Control Solutions in London

As the leading Mice Control company in London, and all the South East, we’re on hand to control any size mouse problem you may have. We can protect your home and business from mice with our effective treatments and proofing solutions.


Why choose Integrum?

  • We offer 24/7 emergency, same-day appointments for Mice Control
  • Our technicians are BPCA and RSPH qualified in Mice removal
  • Free quotes for domestic and commercial properties, with no obligations
  • Our team has over 70 years of pest control experience 
  • Family-run & industry-leading


If you’ve noticed signs of Mice in your London home, contact us today using the link below or why not use our live chat service? Our expert team will offer advice, as well as a free quote with no sneaky obligations involved.

Signs Of Mice In Your Property?

    Our Mice Control Treatment Process

    As mentioned previously, it’s essential to get rid of mice quickly; they are highly adaptable, extremely mobile and they breed rapidly. All of our technicians have years of pest control experience and are trained to the highest levels to provide you with peace of mind.


    View our mice removal and proofing procedure below:


    1. Contact: As soon as you notice signs of mice in your home, you should contact us immediately. Mice breed rapidly and just one mouse in your home can quickly turn into 20! Simply call us, fill out our contact form or use our live chat and our friendly team will give you expert advice and book you an appointment,
    2. Survey: We will discuss your mouse problem and arrange a free survey of your home if necessary. You’ll receive a quote and some recommendations to solve your mouse problem.
    3. Treatment: A BPCA qualified pest control technician will visit your property to provide you with our mice control treatment. We will visit your home up to 3 times to ensure the mice problem has been eradicated.
    4. Aftercare: Once we’ve completed the treatment, we will advise you on any further measures which should be actioned to prevent further problems with pests.

    integrum pest control technician

    Signs of a Mice Infestation

    Mice commonly enter homes looking for food, warmth and shelter. They can enter via the smallest holes, usually in hard to reach places. Unsure whether you have a mice problem? Take a look at our list below for the telltale signs of a mice infestation in your home:


    1. Droppings – the clearest sign you have a mice problem is droppings. Wherever they go mice will leave behind their excrement; look for small black, rod-shaped droppings in hard to reach places like under the sink, in the back of cupboards, around skirting boards and in the loft. Unfortunately, mice can leave up around 80 droppings a day!
    2. Grease Marks – due to the high levels of oil in their fur, mice leave behind dark grey marks on surfaces they come into contact with. Try to get down to mice level (close to the floor), and check for these smear marks along your walls.
    3. Nests – if mice have made their home in your property they will have made a nest. Mice will use any loose materials they can find to create their nests, including strips of fabric, sticks and cardboard. Check quiet, undisturbed areas like the loft, under floorboards and in airing cupboards for these nests.
    4. Gnaw Marks – mice are rodents which means they have a need to constantly grind their front teeth down. To do so they will chew on whatever they will get their hands on – unfortunately causing damage to your home as they go. Look for gnaw marks on your furniture, food packaging, carpets, cabling and wooden beams.


    If you identify any of these signs in your home then contact us immediately on 0208 914 7894.



    Commercial Mice Control in London

    Have you noticed a mouse problem in your London business premises? We have a fantastic group of BPCA certified technicians ready to help protect you against the damage mice could cause. If you have noticed damage to your property through droppings, gnawed stock or even the strong smell of urine, you need mice control in London or the South East – contact us straight away.


    Together, we have over 70 years of combined pest experience, making us real experts in the field of pest control for mice. Furthermore, we’ve worked with all types of industries, ranging from hospitality, food processing, hotels, offices, construction sites and more. Our experience does the talking, and our innovative solutions for controlling mice in any setting means we can tailor our strategy to suit.

    Why Choose Integrum?

    Free Quotes

    All our mice pest control surveys and quotations are completely free of charge. We place no pressure on you to proceed, no matter the size of the mouse problem you have.

    Highest Quality

    Our mice control team are trained to the highest standard. At a minimum, our technicians are RSPH Level 2, and we also have staff who hold IPAF, PASMA, and the BPCA Diploma 2 qualifications.

    Excellent Reviews

    We've worked on loads of domestic and commercial jobs to control mice. Feel free to look at our Checkatrade, Google and Trustpilot reviews to see what our customers think of us.


    We hold the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, which demonstrates that we have a high level of quality management in place to support your business and our whole client base.

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