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  • Pest Control Guildford

    Your home should be free from the health risks caused by pests. Our award-winning pest control services in Guildford can remove rodents, bugs, insects and birds from your home with cost-effective and guaranteed treatments.

    Emergency pest control treatments in Guildford, Surrey

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    Our pest control service is available across Guildford, and our technicians are available 7 days a week for same-day pest removal and emergency 24/7 treatments. We know the stress and health implications a pest problem can cause your family; therefore, pick up the phone and call 0208 914 7894 for some free advice.


    • 24/7 emergency same-day treatments
    • BPCA and RSPH certified technicians
    • Voted #1 by London Business News
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      Treatments for rats, mice, insects, bugs and birds

      Pest control treatments in Guildford

      Pests are known to carry diseases, and these can cause severe risks to your well-being if you leave them for an extended period. Furthermore, rodents and birds cause significant structural damage, leading to a more expensive removal process if left untreated. For this reason, if you notice pigeons under solar panels, bed bug signs, or if you’re unsure if you have rats vs mice, you should act straight away to solve the issue.


      Rat control Guildford

      Throughout Guildford, the most common pest control service we offer is rodent control for rodents such as rats. Our rat control services effectively remove the infestation from your property and proof the area to prevent any possible return in the future. So if you’ve got rats in your shed, garden, or attic, our qualified team can solve it in just three visits.


      Learn more about rat control


      Mice control Guildford

      Our mouse pest control services use poison, trapping and proofing to eradicate all mice that may be infesting your home. As a result, there is no need to live with the diseases mice can spread to your food; our local pest control technicians can eliminate the problem with permanent results.


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      Bed Bugs Guildford

      Bed bugs will cause you sleepless nights and severe anxiety. Therefore, we strongly recommend that if you have a bed bug pest problem, contact our expert removal team, who can complete treatments 7 days a week to ensure your health and mindset are not weakened by the thought of bugs in your bed.


      Learn more about bed bug control


      Pigeon control Guildford

      Birds such as pigeons can damage infrastructure, cause slipping hazards and spread illness to your family, staff or customers. Our expert bird proofing team have completed 100’s of bird netting, bird spike and bird control jobs across London, Surrey, and the southeast to help deter them from your property.


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      Learn more about pigeon proofing solar panels

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      Seagull control Guildford

      Seagulls can be extremely complicated to deal with, and you must seek professional help when faced with a seagull problem. In addition, laws are constantly changing with seagulls, and it’s essential to use non-lethal methods of control before you have any chance of being granted a gull licence.


      Learn more about seagull control

      Learn more about how to get rid of seagulls


      Pest control service in Guildford Surrey

      Our highly trained technicians are available to treat any pest issue that may be present in your home. If you still have not decided if you’d like to proceed with professional pest control, we recommend navigating our website as we have lots of helpful guides and advice to help you get rid of pests. However, our pest control staff undergo a rigorous training program with the BPCA and RSPH to understand pest behaviour, laws and treatment techniques that articles and guides can’t teach you.


      Call us on 0208 914 7894 to learn more about our competitive pest control pricing in the Guildford area.

      Fox control Guildford

      Foxes cause damage to gardens and are known to bite when confronted. The risk of transmission makes them crucial to control if they're using your garden as home.

      Wasp nest removal Guildford

      Wasp pest control service starting from as little as £60. Why take the risk of getting stung when our professionals can remove them in just one visit.

      Squirrel proofing Guildford

      Squirrels are often confused for rodents such as rats and mice, but they cause just as much damage and noise.

      Pest control support for your business

      Commercial Pest Management In Guildford

      For commercial businesses in various sectors, we offer pest management and risk reduction plans to help control all levels of pest infestations.


      Have confidence that our staff are trained in health and safety, working at height and have experience working on commercial pest control projects for many years. You will only receive a genuine expert for your business, backed with detailed reporting; we can show you the success of your pest control investment.

      Brunel University

      Our pigeon proofing services for Brunel University involved installing pin and wire to window ledges to stop birds from using the area to perch and bulk foul. We utilised an 18m boom lift operated by an IPAF certified staff member to reach the ledges and complete the install.

      British Airways

      We're proud to have provided a commercial pest control service for British Airways at Gatwick and Heathrow airports. Over the years, we've performed bird proofing at several terminals and hangers, dispersed rodent activity and delivered our high-performance disinfection services to control viruses such as coronavirus.

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