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Wasps can sting at the first sign of danger, which could be deadly to individuals with allergies. Call Integrum for same-day wasp control treatments, keeping you and your family safe and free from disturbance.

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Wasps are very hostile insects, prepared to attack if they feel threatened. For some individuals, a sting from a wasp could be life-threatening, so care and caution should be used when dealing with a wasp nest on your property. As wasps can live both inside and outside in colonies of up to 20,000, they can be dangerous to you, your family and household pets. To avoid this risk, we recommend organising a professional pest control company to remove the nest for you.

At Integrum, we have a team of experts who are fully trained and equipped to deal with all levels of a wasp infestation. Our wasp control solutions are efficient, with minimal disruption to your home, and we offer a guaranteed service.


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    Our Wasp Nest Removal Process

    The clear signs of a wasp infestation are finding wasps in your home or business. Therefore, if you suspect you have a pest problem, it is crucial to call professional pest controllers to minimise the risk of painful stings, disruption to your life or damage to your building structure.


    1. Contact: Our wasp pest control service is available for all domestic and commercial properties in London and the South East. Please complete an online contact form, call us or email the team to organise your pest control quote or survey. We are available for appointments 24/7, and our friendly team of experts are happy to provide advice and pest control guidance.
    2. Survey: Once we have identified your pest problem by phone or email, we will provide a quote based on your required service. Our wasp removal treatments start from £60; however, if there are any concerns about the job or more information is needed, we will organise a survey on your property first.
    3. Treatment: Our qualified and insured team of experts will arrive at your property to conduct the wasp extermination service. Our professional-grade insecticide is 100% successful; therefore, only one visit is required to eradicate all wasps.
    4. Aftercare: Following your wasp nest removal treatment, our team can answer any questions you may have to protect your home from a future wasp infestation. You can reach our friendly team of experts by calling us at 0204 566 5522 or by email at [email protected].
    Wasp Nest Removal by Integrum Services

    Commercial Wasp Control Services

    Wasps living in your commercial business is a critical issue as they pose a risk to customers and staff.


    If a visitor was stung on your business premises, this could impact your reputation and liability. Another issue to consider is the opportunity for food contamination. As wasps navigate in search of food, they can land in dirty places such as the floor, drainage systems, animal waste and rubbish. As a result, if you own a restaurant and have active wasps flying around in the preparation area, you risk contaminated produce which could make your customers very sick. Therefore, you must remove a wasp nest as soon as you notice a problem.


    The common signs of a wasp problem include:

    • A buzzing sound.
    • Finding dead wasps around your property.
    • Seeing wasps regularly.
    • Finding a wasp nest.


    Wasps can be easy to mistake for bees, but both insect pests can be devastating for your business. Fortunately, Integrum has removed hundreds of wasp nests and other winged insects for business all across London and the South East. So we are prepared for all infestations and can deal with your wasp nest on the same day you enquire. In addition, we can provide a discreet and specialist service for establishments such as schools or other sensitive business areas.


    To organise your commercial wasp nest removal treatment in London, please call the team at 0204 566 5522 or email [email protected].

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