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Bees are good for the environment, but they can sting or swarm when scared, making them bad for homes and businesses. Call Integrum Services for fast bee removal to reduce disruption.

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Effective Bee And Bee Nest Removal London

When you see one or two bees, it can feel good to know they’re still around, helping flowers to blossom and plants to spread. However, a bee swarm or nest can be dangerous when in an area frequented by humans.


Whether on a business premises or a home, large numbers of bees can be frightening and dangerous. Their stings can be unpleasant and, if you’re allergic to their venom, potentially life-threatening.


Also, if bees enter your building and make a nest, particularly in wall cavities or chimneys, they can quickly cause structural damage and become a major health hazard.


Thankfully, Integrum is here to help. For homeowners and business leaders throughout London and the South East, we offer:


  • 24/7 emergency same-day appointments for bee removal
  • BPCA and RSPH-qualified squirrel removal technicians
  • Safe bee removal that doesn’t harm the hive or its occupants
  • Free quotes for commercial properties
  • Over 70+ years of pest control experience
  • Support from a family-run and industry-leading team of bee removal specialists


So, if you notice signs of a bee problem or see a bee’s nest, get in touch to find out more about our bee removal prices and service offering.

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    Our Bee Removal Process

    • Investigation: Initially, our team will check what kind of insect problem you have. Bees are often mistaken for wasps, which require a slightly different approach. Also, there are several types of bees found in the UK, including honey bees, bumblebees, mining bees and carder bees. Our team will find out the type of bees you have before deciding on the best way to remove them and providing you with a quote.
    • Bee Removal: Once we know what kind of bees we’re dealing with, our team will work to get rid of them quickly by removing the nest and relocating it and the bees inside. It’s best to move bees at night or during cold weather, as they will be less active. Our team will transport the bees to their new home and use their skills and knowledge of bee behaviour to reduce the chances of them returning in a swarm.
    • Site Monitoring: For a while after the bee nest is removed, members of the colony might return to their old home. If more bees come with them, and the queen returns to her old space, then they could make a new nest and return to your property. Our team can help the bee colony to transition and stop them from returning and building a new hive.


    Bee on a plant

    Commercial Bee Removal London

    Bees can be particularly disruptive for businesses, and lead to safety concerns for staff and customers. Also, if bee nests are found on or around equipment, they can lead to downtime or damage, which can be especially costly.


    As such, businesses throughout London and the South East rely on Integrum to remove bees and bee nests from their properties. Our team can quickly address the situation and provide ongoing support to ensure that the issue doesn’t reoccur.


    We’re trusted by a variety of companies, ranging from small businesses to major corporations, in almost every industry. So, whatever your needs and pest problems, Integrum can help.


    Our services are guaranteed to deliver the results you expect, so if you need to have bees removed from your commercial property, contact us on 0204 566 5522 or email [email protected].

    Why Choose Integrum?

    Fast Quotes

    When you need bee removal services, you need them quickly before the bees become a major nuisance. Our team can attend your property on the same day in many cases and give you an accurate quote for your bee removal.

    Highest Quality

    We're proud to invest in the highest-quality training available for our staff. All staff are RSPH Level 2 trained, which is a minimum requirement to work as a pest controller. Furthermore, we have staff who hold IPAF, PASMA, and BPCA Diploma 2 qualifications.

    Excellent Reviews

    Trusting a company to complete your bee removal job is important, as the safe removal of bees is paramount. Read our reviews on Checkatrade, Google, Facebook, and Trustpilot to see just how good we are.

    Fully Accredited

    As proud members of Checkatrade, CHAS, BPCA, and CEPA, we prove time and again that we're committed to excellence in everything we do. We also hold the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, which demonstrates that we have a high level of quality management, which we bring to every pest control job we undertake.

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