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Integrum offers fox control services in London and the southeast of England. Specialist technicians are on hand for humane pest control treatments and removal services.

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Foxes can torment homeowners and cause severe damage to your garden when searching for food. It is highly unlikely that a fox will relocate unless appropriate fox control solutions are implemented.


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    Integrum's Fox Removal Service

    Depending on the situation, we offer two main solutions for effective fox control in London.



    This is a great way to control foxes on your land and protect your garden whilst managing the fox population. We can guarantee all foxes are humanely dispatched and suffer no pain during the removal process.



    This method will deter foxes from entering your garden. The scent we use is similar to fox urine which makes a fox think another fox has claimed the territory already. This can be a longer process than trapping as it will need to be maintained until the fox issue has gone completely.


    To implement one of our fox control methods in London, please call us today on 0204 566 5522 to organise your free quote!

    fox footprints at a kensington property

    Identifying a Fox Control Problem

    The Urban Fox has recently appeared in more homes, with an estimated population of 10,000-15,000 in London. Although these foxes tend to stray away from humans, they can be vicious, spread diseases and damage your property. If you own small dogs, cats or rabbits, foxes can see these pets as a meal and attack them.


    Fox Behaviour

    A fox will make its nests in quiet areas such as under a shed or shrubbery. Try looking out for excrement if you are unsure if you have a fox problem, as they tend to foul to mark their territory.


    If you have identified a fox on your property, we do not recommend feeding them, as this could worsen your fox problem. Foxes are a scavenger species, so it is important to implement effective fox control solutions to protect your land and your family.


    Speak to our fox pest control specialists on 0204 566 5522 for expert advice on tackling your fox problem in London.

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    All our fox proofing techniques use the highest quality materials sourced from the best suppliers across the UK. Resulting in a high-quality finish every time.

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    We're compliant with all laws surrounding fox control and removal and will advise you on which techniques are appropriate to use to control foxes at your property.

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