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  • Fox Control London

    Integrum offers fox control and management services for homes across London and the southeast of England. Our expert technicians are on hand for removal services and humane treatment options.

    Expert Fox Control Treatments in London

    Although Foxes may look cute, they cause problems for homeowners with the diseases they carry and the damage they cause to gardens.


    Once they have decided to call your garden home, they are unlikely to move without help from a fox control specialist.


    • Same-day appointments for fox removal
    • BPCA qualified technicians with a wealth of experience in managing fox populations
    • High-quality proofing techniques to stop foxes from returning
    • Humane treatment options available

    Do You Need A Fox Control Expert?

      Integrum's Fox Control Process

      We offer a range of solutions to control foxes depending on the situation and the customers need.

      • Trapping is a fantastic way to manage the fox population that is causing damage to your garden. Although this method results in the fox being dispatched and not relocated, we can guarantee that foxes are humanely dealt with and suffer no pain during the removal process.
      • Spraying is the second option we have available to help deter foxes from your London garden. This method involves using a scent similar to fox urine, making new foxes think that another fox has already claimed the territory. This option is lengthy as the process needs to be maintained until the fox issue has gone completely. Unfortunately, once treatment has stopped, foxes may return to the area if they have not been deterred enough.

      fox removal treatments in London

      Identifying a Fox Control Problem

      Cities and urban area homes surrounding London have seen more and more foxes venturing into gardens and causing problems in recent years. Foxes prefer to build dens in the shrubbery, under sheds and in generally quiet areas. If you’re unsure if you have a fox problem, you should look for traces of food and excrement near the potential den you have identified.


      If you have noticed holes around your garden, and you’ve identified a fox problem in your London home, the first step is not to feed them under any circumstances. Feeding foxes will cause them to return and become bolder in their hunt for food; although they are normally frightened by humans, they’ve been known to bite if given the opportunity.


      Next, call our experienced fox control experts on 0208 914 7894 to discuss your requirements and receive some free advice on the issue you have.

      Why Choose Integrum?

      Free Quotes

      We're open and honest about our pricing; please contact our office to discuss for free how much our fox control treatments are in London and the southeast.

      Highest Quality

      All our fox proofing techniques use the highest quality materials sourced from the best suppliers across the UK. Resulting in a high-quality finish every time.

      Excellent Reviews

      Take a look across Trustpilot, Checkatrade, Google and Facebook to find out just how good we are. We have many high-quality reviews to put your mind at ease.

      Legally Compliant

      We're compliant with all laws surrounding fox control and removal and will advise you on which techniques are appropriate to use to control foxes at your property.

      Frequently Asked Questions

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