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  • Our Pest Control Prices

    Our pest control prices for domestic treatments in London and its surrounding areas are listed below.

    What can you expect to pay for our pest control services

    Many different factors can result in pest control prices differing from what is mentioned on our website. These include:


    • What the problem is: The pest that impacts your property results in a different removal and treatment process. Therefore, the pest control cost will differ. For example, bed bug control is different from treating a mouse problem, as more advanced chemicals and treatment options are used.
    • Infestation size: Many of our London pest control prices are listed for a set amount of rooms or property sizes. If your infestation spreads across multiple rooms and buildings, then the cost may increase.
    • Returning visits: You may ask why can’t we solve the issue on the first visit? Well, for certain pests, multiple treatments are required to ensure your property is free from the threat. So if other London pest control companies claim they can solve the issue in one visit, you should ask serious questions.


    Surveys are required to gain more understanding of the job at hand. We need to conduct surveys for all commercial customers, live foxes, tropical ants and bird work.

    Wasp nest removal

    Our wasp nest removal prices are the most cost-effective in London. We believe wasp control should be affordable for everyone.

    Mouse control

    Mice control in London is a common issue we come across, due to the large population size. We will visit your home three times to ensure the issue is dealt with.

    Rat control

    Our rat control treatments require us to visit your home three times to ensure you no longer have any problems.

    Squirrel control

    Squirrel control in London takes approximately three visits; however, sometimes, they can be removed in less.

    Flea treatment

    Fleas can cause significant issues in your home. Our treatments require one visit and service up to three rooms. Additional rooms are priced at £18.

    Cockroach treatment

    Cockroaches carry a range of diseases; we'll visit your property twice to ensure the issue does not continue.

    Garden Ants

    We can remove ants from your garden or kitchen in just one visit. We have a range of effective solutions available.

    Dead fox removal

    Foxes tend to move around the city of London at night, and it's common for many to sufferer accidents.

    Moth control

    Our moth control treatments take two visits and service up to three rooms. Additional rooms are costed at £46.80.

    Bed bug chemical treatment

    Bed bug chemical treatments in London take three visits, and additional rooms cost £72.

    Bed bug heat and chemical treatment

    Bed bug chemical and heat treatments require three visits and any additional rooms are priced at £72.


    Removing silverfish from your home usually takes just one visit to complete.

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