Bird Control

Welcome to Integrum Services, we’re at the forefront for bird control solutions across the UK. We offer practical services that work, all provided by a team with over 70 years of combined experience in the bird sector.

Professional Bird Control in London

Birds can cause severe damage if not controlled, with costs mounting the longer they are left. Over the years, the birds we find cause the most damage to businesses include pigeons and seagulls. However, this does not mean other birds can’t cause damage. To avoid damage to your buildings roof, stock or the risk of customers slipping on guano (droppings), you should inquire about bird control UK solutions as soon as you notice the problem. Some of our bird control services include:


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    Commercial Bird Control Services

    Birds are known to cause a range of problems, and over the years, Integrum has helped businesses around the UK with bird control solutions to combat these hazards. Some of these hazards include:


    • The risk to public health: is that birds are known to carry a range of hazardous diseases that humans can catch, including Salmonella, E.Coli, Mites and Fungal infections.
    • The damage to buildings: bird droppings cover public areas such as pavements and entrances. A commonplace for birds to contaminate from is window ledges, causing a considerable risk of slipping. Bird droppings are also acidic and if left untreated can result in structural damage.
    • Noise: seagulls are extremely loud and can cause residents to file complaints if they are using your building to nest.
    • Behavioural issues: have birds attacked your customers or staff? It’s common for birds to attack during March and September (breeding season) as they think they are protecting their nest and young.


    Expert Pigeon and Seagull Bird Control

    Our team of experts are some of the best you’ll find in the UK. We have worked with clients such as British Airways and IAG Cargo, where bird control is imperative. We have a range of methods available to regulate birds at construction sites, offices, airports, hospitals, food production centres and schools.


    Choosing which bird control method is right can be hard on your own. Therefore, our British Pest Control Association certified surveyors could visit your site free of charge to conduct a survey and advise which method or which combination of methods is best to use. So, for expert bird control solutions with qualified technicians call Integrum Services on 0208 914 7894.

    Feral Pigeons

    Feral pigeons are the most commonly found pest bird. You will see them across towns and cities, making use of buildings and shelter. In terms of appearance, they are usually a grey colour, but this can alter. Learn how to get rid of pigeons.


    Seagulls over the years have adapted well to living in our sea-based towns and cities. They can be very intimidating to humans during the nesting season. Their appearance can be challenging to tell apart, but usually, they have grey backs and white underparts. Learn how to get rid of seagulls.


    Geese can often be found in areas such as lakes and the suburban regions of the UK. They tend to cause significant damage to airport facilities due to their large size.


    Crows gather in large numbers, and commercial agricultural lands tend to bear their brunt, as they damage crops. Along with the noise, they can also prey on livestock, making them essential to control.


    Starlings are easy to notice; they are very loud and tend to gather near human-made buildings. However, their appearance does change throughout the year.

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