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  • Pest Control Croydon

    If your home has become infested with rats, mice, wasps or any other insect or bug, you need pest control services local to Croydon to solve the problem.

    24/7 Emergency pest control services in Croydon

    All rodents, insects, bugs and birds covered

    Your home should be free from the health risk and damage that pests bring with them.


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      Pest control services in Croydon

      If you’re living in the London borough of Croydon, you’ll be aware of the pest problems that homeowners often face. The large population of over 400,000 people condensed into small streets and buildings has resulted in Croydon becoming a hotbed for pest activity.


      Pests can cause significant damage if they venture into your home and start to breed. It’s essential to contact a pest exterminator at the first chance you get, as rodents, bugs, and insects will continue to multiply at a rate DIY solutions can’t control. If you let the problem become out of hand, you’ll have a much more costly treatment package to consider.


      Although pest control may seem like an easy task, our Croydon technicians undergo rigorous training with the British Pest Control Association and the Royal Society for Public Health. Due to this training, we’re confident that any pest problem you call with, we’ll be able to solve with permanent and guaranteed eradication services.


      What pests do you treat in Croydon?

      Our pest control services are available to ALL Croydon areas, including but not limited to Norbury, Thornton Heath, Waddon, South Croydon, Purley and Coulsdon. The most common pests issues we deal with in Croydon tends to be different rodent activity, insect infestations and bug removal. However, our expert and experienced team can deal with any pest issue, and you’ll find we can offer excellent advice and guidance on less common problems such as moles and foxes. Therefore, if you’ve noticed signs of an infestation but would like to learn more about the problem that is damaging your home or business, check out our list of pests below:


      Rodent control Croydon

      Our rodent treatments start by locating the source of the problem and proceeding to treat that area with our expert proofing techniques. Furthermore, we’ll place rat boxes, traps and poison around your home to help remove the issue for good.


      Learn more about rat control.

      Learn more about mice control.


      Squirrel control Croydon

      Squirrel infestations are often confused with rodent problems such as rats and mice due to how similar they behave. But, don’t be fooled; squirrels can cause a significant issue within homes and loft spaces. Our squirrel removal services use live trapping and rodent proofing to help stop squirrels from ever returning to your property.


      Learn more about squirrel control.


      Bed Bug control Croydon

      Bed bugs have often caused issues in and around Croydon and London. We offer a range of services to treat bed bugs, so speak to our friendly team to discuss the best for your situation. We may recommend heat treatment, chemical treatment or a combination of both if the infestation is severe. Don’t worry; bed bugs are common and do not correlate with poor hygiene.


      Learn more about bed bug control.


      Wasp control Croydon

       Wasp nests tend to appear around the summertime, and they can threaten due to their aggressive nature and ability to sting and attack even when unprovoked. Our wasp nest removal services in Croydon are cost-effective and can eradicate the issue in just one visit using our high-grade insecticide and spraying techniques.


      Learn more about wasp control.


      Ant control Croydon

      We treat all insects in Croydon, including ants, using our professional use insecticides. Your assigned technicians will give you all the advice and guidance you need as occasionally we recommend multiple visits if the infestation is substantial or in difficult to locate areas.


      Learn more about ant control.


      Moth control Croydon

      We’ll visit your home and carry out moth treatment services. Similar to bed bugs, we use a combination of chemical and heat treatments to ensure all lifeforms of moths have been eradicated, including eggs, larvae and adults.


      Learn more about moth control.


      Pigeon proofing solar panels Croydon

      We’re Croydons most established and experienced pigeon proofing solar panel company and have completed jobs across the UK. Our specialist mesh is unattainable for other companies, and our bulk buying powers of this material allows us to stay competitive even with exceptional quality.


      Learn more about pigeon proofing solar panels.

      Fox control Croydon

      Foxes are a pest due to the issues they cause in gardens and homes around Croydon. Our humane removal services can help take back your property from foxes.

      Cockroach control Croydon

      Cockroaches carry all kinds of diseases with them, and an infestation in your home or business can make you extremely sick. Learn more about our cockroach control services.

      Flea control Croydon

      Owning pets often comes with the risk of flea infestations. If they've moved from your pet to your home, the infestation is much more challenging to remove, and you'll need an expert.

      We've got your business covered

      Commercial pest control in Croydon

      Your business should be free from all pests as they can seriously damage your reputation and risk. In addition, the diseases they carry and the damage they cause can result in costly fines and removal treatments if they are left to cause devastation.


      Once pests have decided to call your business premises home, they’re unlikely to leave without intervention from a pest control company in Croydon.


      At Integrum, we offer effective and discreet pest control services for all types of pests, and we can provide extensive riddance programs for all commercial businesses. Our commercial pest control experience has already helped many blue-chip organisations such as British Airways and the BBC. View our case studies below:

      Bird proofing Croydon

      We've helped tonnes of businesses in Croydon, London and the UK with bird proofing services. Including British Airways, where we've provided a range of commercial bird control services to protected their airport from the threat of pest bird activity.

      Seagull control Croydon

      Seagulls are protected by law, so it's important for any company dealing with seagulls to use humane and non-invasive solutions to control them. Our Bird Alert scaring system is revolutionising seagull control in Croydon and is helping businesses maintain bird free environments.

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