When you get blocked drains or slow running water, you most likely need drain cleaning services to remove the blockage and get your water flowing again. But first, you need CCTV surveys of your drain system to find out what the issue is.

Professional drain experts offer surveys and drain unblocking services. Teams like Integrum Services can provide fast, effective drain cleaning to unblock outside drains and fix any problems.

These services require specialised equipment, such as high-pressure water jets, to clear blockages, so they’re best done by drain experts like ours. Every quote is different, so it can be hard to work out exactly the cost of drain cleaning and figure out how much to budget for this vital service.

As an experienced service provider offering drain unblocking and other drain services throughout London and the South East, Integrum understands how drain cleaning costs are calculated and why they change so much.

Costs Involved In Providing Drain Cleaning Services

Initially, drain companies will charge a call-out fee, which covers the cost of sending workers out to your property. We will then need to carry out a drain survey, using specialist CCTV drain cameras to find the drain blockage and check for other issues, such as collapsed drain pipes. Your drain survey cost will be included in the final bill for cleaning your drains.

Once we have found the source of the blockage, we can explain what needs to be done and give you an estimate for each of the different approaches we can take. Some smaller blockages can be removed with drain rods, while others might incur jetting costs, which will be higher.

Faster options, such as drain jet washing, which requires more specialist equipment and is faster than a drain snake, will increase the cost of drain cleaning but can unblock drains faster. As such, these options can be useful for businesses or large families that can’t have their drainage system out of action for a long period.

As drain unblocking specialists, we can explain the options you have and help you find the right one that fits your needs.

Why Your Drain Cleaning Cost Might Be Higher

There are several factors that can increase the cost of your drain cleaning services, including:

  • Property Size: Large commercial buildings with extensive drainage systems will cost more to clean than small domestic homes.
  • Blockage Volume: Large drain blockages will require more work and equipment. A small blockage that can be removed with drain rodding will cost less to remove than a larger issue that requires drain jetting.
  • Drain Blockage Location: Clearing a blocked toilet or clogged sink will cost less than a full drain cleaning for a complex network of drain pipes.
  • Ease Of Access: Drains located in easy-to-reach areas will cost less to unblock than drains that are harder to access.
  • Area: The cost of drain cleaning will be higher in central London, as there are additional costs such as parking and congestion fees to consider. Also, labour prices are higher for workers in central London, and fast call-outs will require local team members.
  • Call-Out Times: Emergency call-outs for issues such as overflowing toilets will cost more, especially if they are needed during public or bank holidays or on a weekend, as labour costs will be higher during these times.
  • Additional Services: If more services, such as drain lining or pipe replacement are needed, then this will raise the cost of your drain cleaning services.

These factors can influence your drain cleaning costs, so for a bespoke quote, contact us to speak to a member of our team.

London Drain Cleaning Services

Who Pays For Drain Cleaning?

In the UK, the property owner usually pays for the drain cleaning costs for drains within their property boundary, and the sewerage company pays for drains that connect to sewer lines outside their boundary, known as lateral drains.

However, in some cases, you might live near an unadopted or privately owned drain. As such, you might have to pay the cost for a specialist drainage company to clean a communal drain or get support from neighbouring property owners.

Our drain specialists can help you understand who is responsible for the cost of unclogging drains on your property or advise you on where to find out this information.

Get A Bespoke Drain Cleaning Quote Today

In most cases, the typical cost of drain cleaning will be £100 or more. The full cost will depend on a variety of factors, such as the size of your drainage system, the age of your plumbing system and the nature of your drainage problem. For a final quote for your drain cleaning, you’ll need to get in touch and book your property visit.

If you’re facing a blocked drain or another drain issue, then you need professional drain services from Integrum. We offer drain services for commercial and domestic customers across London, Surrey and the South East.

Our local drain experts aim to offer a cost-effective but high-quality service, meaning that you can rely on us for all your drain unblocking and cleaning needs.

So, if you have an overflowing toilet, blocked drain or recurring drain issues, call 0204 566 5522 to get a custom quote on the actual cost of drain cleaning for your property.