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    • Pigeon proofing solar panels

      Integrum Services is the UK's most reliable solar panel pest control company. If birds such as pigeons are under your solar panels, speak to our experienced bird proofing team today for a free quote.

      Specialist Solar Panel Bird Proofing UK

      10 Year Pigeon Proofing Solar Panel Guarantee

      Solar panels have increased in popularity in recent years as the society in general moves towards a greener environment. The cost savings following the initial investment can be significant, with some of our clients, even reporting a generation of power!


      As fantastic as this is, what solar panel installers don’t tell you is that by having solar panels fitted you have created a warm, safe harbourage for birds, mostly feral pigeons. Unfortunately, once pigeons have identified this, they are unlikely to move on without bird proofing the solar panels. Therefore, pigeon proofing solar panels should be your primary option to stop pesky birds.


      Over time, pigeons can begin to multiple and can cause extensive damage to your solar panels, including the cabling, wiring and the panels themselves. The damage is due to a build-up of nesting material such as guano (poo) and eggs. If you suspect pigeons or other birds are nesting under your solar panels, you need to call a pigeon proofing solar panel expert before they cause more damage and pose a significant risk to your health and safety.


      Integrum Services are pigeon proofing solar panels experts. We care about your health and well-being at home and are the UK’s best company when it comes to removing pigeons from under solar panels. With years of experience, we even offer you a 10-year guarantee that pigeons won’t get under your solar panels again.

      Are birds nesting under your solar panels?

        Safety First

        Choosing a company that is qualified to work at height is essential for health and safety, especially when bird proofing solar panels! Our team are working at height qualified and will use a specially designed; HSE approved ladder and roof ladder harness system where possible. The ladders help us safely access your roof and carry out the work efficiently. Furthermore, the ladders give a clearance of 23cm beneath, keeping the weight away from direct contact of your solar array. We also have a full in-house rope access system, as well as the qualifications to use scaffolding or mobile elevated work platforms.

        Highest Quality

        We only use the highest quality stainless steel mesh to proof solar panels. The 25mm galvanised steel mesh is placed around the sides of your solar panels to stop them pesky pigeons for good. We recommend you choose to use our non-intrusive solar panel mesh clips to fix the solar panel mesh in place. However, we are open to using alternative methods when asked. Our industry-leading experience in bird and pest control means that we can obtain equipment from the best suppliers who offer only the finest quality materials for pigeon proofing solar panels.

        Fully Accredited

        All of our solar panel bird proofing team are fully qualified, British Pest Control Association (BPCA) members, with many years of experience in dealing with a variety of pest and bird-related issues.

        We are also Checkatrade, Chas and EN 16636 Accredited and ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

        Moreover, unlike most, we are fully licensed by Natural England for the control of feral pigeons - fully insured with all certificates available on request.

        10 Year Guarantee

        All our pigeon proofing solar panel jobs come with a 10-year guarantee. Why are we so confident? Well, our specialist 25mm x 25mm pigeon solar panel mesh comes galvanised as standard in gauge 16 and is pre-cut to suit the height of a typical solar panel array. The mesh we use is the best type to use as it stands the test of time and is made solely to bird proof solar panels.

        The clips we use to fix the mesh to the solar panels are non-intrusive, hooking under the base of the solar panels. We also hold the mesh in place using a retaining nut and washer. We obtain all of our materials in bulk, directly from the manufacturer, meaning our costs are far more competitive than our competition.

        We offer the 10-year guarantee because we are so confident in our bird proofing products and installation techniques.

        Protect your solar panel investment today

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