Integrum are please to announce that our Bird Alert system is now available to pest controllers.

BirdAlert is the latest in intelligent bird dispersal systems that recognises specific bird species by listening to them through the special BirdAlert microphone.

As soon as unwanted birds enter the protection zone, BirdAlert can activate its bio-acoustics and any connected scare products in a varied pattern that best intimidates just the target species.

The box is prepared by default for mounting a speaker arm for this purpose. Sealed in the protective box are battery, scare programs, audio library and microprocessor programmed for bird detection. In addition a GPS tracker for locating the box.

The BirdAlert box is equipped with external connection ports that allow you to connect up to five visual scare products in addition to an external battery or solar panel.

BirdAlert microphone detects bird sounds at a distance of up to 250 meters. The microphone is resistant to rain and frost.

High perfomance IP66 speakers respond by playing the relevant distress calls at the correct frequency to disperse the target birds.

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