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  • Pest Control Wimbledon

    Integrum is here to help you with pest control services in Wimbledon. Our expert team of BPCA qualified technicians can be at your property or home at a moments notice, so give us a call to find out more.

    24 Hour Emergency Pest Control Services In Wimbledon

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    If you have noticed a pest in your home or business, then you are in the right place. With pest control technicians available across London, Our substantial team covers all of the southeast so that you can have a highly qualified pest control technician at your Wimbledon home in no time at all.


    Our pest control services range from insect infestations, bed bugs, wasps, cockroaches, and other pest problems.

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    Since Wimbledon is located close to London, it’s expected that you will come across a pest issue in your lifetime. So if you’ve discovered a pest in your home, contact our friendly team 24 hours for some professional advice on 0208 914 7894.

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      Uninvited pests In your Wimbledon home?

      Pest control services Wimbledon

      Wimbledon pests such as rats and mice carry harmful pathogens that are incredibly damaging to your health. Therefore, it’s essential to act as soon as you notice signs of mice in your house, pigeons under solar panels or any other unwanted pest control issue.


      Rodents such as rats and mice are not the only pest that can cause significant damage to yourself, your staff, your business or home. So as horrible as it may be to notice you need pest control in Wimbledon, you’re not alone; our team of sw19 pest control technicians are here to help.

      Wasp nest removal Wimbledon

      A common Wimbledon pest control problem we come across during the summer months is wasp nests. Wasps are aggressive and can sting even when they are not provoked. Our guaranteed wasp nest removal services will remove the wasp nest from your Wimbledon sw19 property, keeping everyone safe. However, removing a wasp nest can be dangerous and should only be attempted by a professional with the correct personal protective equipment. Therefore, if you’ve noticed wasps in or around your property, call our team to discuss your options.

      Rat and Mice control Wimbledon sw19

      There is no need to put up with rodents such as rats and mice in and around your property. Our pest controllers offer rodent removal programs that usually take three visits to exterminate rats or mice from your home; commercial buildings can take longer.


      rodent problem in london

      Ant control Wimbledon

      Most ants can not survive in the UK’s climate. However, the species that can survive, such as black or garden ants, can annoy you when they venture into your garden or home. As ants are known for foraging, the last thing you want is to see them in your food cupboards; who knows where they’ve been. If you’re having trouble with ants and would like the problem solved for good, contact our team of experts.

      Bird control Wimbledon

      We have one of the most experienced bird proofing teams in the whole of the UK, not just Wimbledon. Birds in the wrong location can have profound health implications, especially pigeons and seagulls because they carry over 60 diseases. We offer a wide range of bird proofing services for homes and businesses to stop the damage they cause and reduce the diseases they can spread. If you’d like to learn more about our bird control and proofing services, contact us today.


      Solar panel bird proofing Wimbledon

      More and more homeowners are adopting solar panels on top of their homes. They can be a fantastic investment and will save you money in the long run. However, one problem that comes with solar panels is the potential for birds to nest underneath. Unfortunately, once birds such as pigeons have identified this, they will not leave and will cause damage to your investment, reducing their effectiveness. So if you’ve noticed pigeons under solar panels, don’t worry. We’re Wimbledon’s best pigeon proofing solar panels company and have completed jobs all around Wimbledon and West London.


      bird problem in london

      Pest control Wimbledon

      Our pest control team in Wimbledon has over 70 years of combined experience, making us true experts in the field of pest control. However, we’re aware that our customers like to research thoroughly before contacting a pest controller. Therefore, we recommend browsing throughout the website as we have lots of guides and articles to help you identify and get rid of pests.

      Moth Control Wimbledon

      Moths cause problems for many homes. We offer a range of Moth fumigation services for your Wimbledon property.

      Bed Bug Control Wimbledon

      Contact our professional team to eliminate bed bugs with our bed bug pest control service.

      Squirrel control Wimbledon

      Squirrel control in Wimbledon sw19 is often needed as they cause similar damage as rats do.

      Pest Control support for your business

      Commercial Pest Control Services Wimbledon

      Integrum is the best pest control company for protecting your business or commercial property with pest control services in Wimbledon. We understand the issues of staying legally compliant and reducing risk for both customers and staff. Our commercial pest control Wimbledon treatments have already helped solve pest problems for British Airways, The BBC, IAG Cargo and Raven housing trust. Therefore, you can have faith that we will solve your pest control problem no matter the size of your business. Please read below for some case studies examples of pest problems we have solved for our fantastic proactive clients.


      Wimbledon pest control options

      Integrum carries out commercial pest control in Wimbledon daily, which means our team has a great amount of experience when it comes to solving any pest problem. Furthermore, we also offer various 24/7 same-day treatments to get rid of pests and keep your commercial operations running smoothly.


      We also offer a rodent proofing service that prevents rodents from returning to your building. This is a one-off treatment that prevents them from returning once they have been removed.


      Unfortunately, we find that a one-off visit isn’t enough with commercial pest control, and a comprehensive contract may be more suitable. So we’ll visit regularly and be on hand when pests return.


      Business types such as restaurants and takeaways require stricter controls on pest management. Food preparation and a restaurant’s overall cleanliness is important to protect customers from diseases transmitted from pests.


      Again, we recommend to contact us to learn more about our commercial pest control contracts in Wimbledon. We’ve designed them specifically for restaurants to take control of all pest risks in food preparation. With the support of our dedicated team, we can ensure your liability is minimised and with contracted inspections by our team; we can proof your building to prevent pests from ever causing a problem.


      If you’re operating out of a commercial setting, speak to our experienced team and learn how to protect your reputation from pest damage.

      Brunel University

      Brunel Unvisty was experiencing a pigeon and bird issue at one of their buildings. Pigeons were sitting and fouling on the window ledges. Birds sitting on window ledges is a common issue we see amongst many commercial buildings, and without bird proofing measures, the problem will continue to multiply. Our solution was to install six runs of pin and wire on edge ledge using strong base mounts. We achieved all this by using an 18m articulated boom lift, operated by one of our IPAF trained bird specialists.

      Airport Cargo

      A loading dock of a cargo facility at a major London airport contacting our renowned bird proofing team to solve a pigeon issue. Pigeons had been fouling at the site, so we opted to fit 8 sections and bird netting together at the joins to make the finished job look almost invisible.

      The BBC

      We've worked with The BBC on many of their sites to implement our industry-leading bird proofing products and services. For this site, we choose to use our BirdAlert system, which we are the sole UK supplier. BirdAlert is revolutionising the bird proofing industry in the UK as the cutting edge technology detects and scares birds by monitoring your site 24/7, remotely.

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