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Our experienced team offers pest control services in Sutton and London for all types of rodents, insects and birds. Are you looking for emergency pest control services? Then, you're in the right place.

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Have you tried using pest control services from the council with no success? Don’t worry; our pest control services are renowned throughout all of Sutton and South London. Our highly qualified British Pest Control Association (BPCA) technicians are on hand to solve any pest problem that may be affecting your home or business.


  • Over 70 years combined experience
  • BPCA and RSPH certified technicians
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Rodents such as rats and mice, insects such as wasps, or birds such as pigeons, we’ve got your health and wellbeing covered. Our team of exterminators can even be at your Sutton property on the same day. So if you are unsure of which pest is causing you issues, carry on reading for a complete list of pest control services we offer in and around Sutton.

Have you noticed pests at your Sutton property?

    Pest control services for your Sutton home

    Domestic Sutton pest control

    Finding pests in your Sutton home can be extremely distressing. Not to mention, pests can carry diseases that seriously impact your health if left untreated. For that reason, if you’ve heard, seen or noticed pest problems at your home, it’s essential to act straight away.


    Our combined experience of over 70 years in the pest control industry means we’ve treated every pest imaginable. From the BBC and British Airways to a simple wasp problem, we’re capable of providing all pest treatments in Sutton. So if you’ve noticed birds or pests causing damage to your domestic (home) or commercial (business) property, please call our BPCA qualified team for some free advice on 0208 914 7894.

    What are the most common pests found in Sutton, SM1?

    Due to Sutton’s proximity to Surrey and London, it’s expected that pest issues will filter out of the capital. Therefore, the most popular pest control services in Sutton are rat infestations and mouse removal. Next, during the summer, we get called out for wasp nest removal jobs every day. Although this is not all we come across, bed bug exterminations, cockroach treatments, fleas, moths and ant removals are among the common solutions we offer in Sutton.

    Rat control Sutton

    Once you notice rodents such as rats on your property, you should deal with the situation straight away. Contact a professional like ourselves to guarantee that you will no longer have a rodent problem in the future. As mentioned previously, rodents are likely to venture out of the capital towards areas like Sutton, looking for more accessible shelter and food sources.


    Our rodent removal programs usually take three visits to solve the problem completely. This is because the behaviour of rodents has to be understood by our technicians to ensure the problems are entirely dealt with; a technician can’t learn the behaviour and which areas to rodent-proof in just one visit.


    rodent problem in london

    Bird control Sutton

    Our bird control and bird proofing services are renowned across the UK. We have completed bird proofing jobs for birds such as pigeons, seagull and crows, so you can have complete confidence that our bird control team will stop the damage they are causing to your property. For more information, please read our articles on how to get rid of pigeons and how to get rid of seagulls.


    Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels Sutton

    Are birds such as pigeons nesting under your solar panels? Don’t worry, we’re the Suttons best pigeon proofing solar panels company and have completed jobs all around Sutton, London and further afield. However, pigeons can seriously damage the effectiveness of your investment, so as soon as you notice pigeons under solar panels, you should contact our team today for a free, competitive quote.


    bird problem in london

    Ant control Sutton

    Ants in your garden or home? Learn more about our ant control services in Sutton

    Bed bug control Sutton

    Bed bugs are complicated for amateurs to remove. Learn more about our bed bugs treatments in Sutton.

    Wasp nest removal Sutton

    Wasps are aggressive and can sting even when unprovoked. Learn more about our affordable wasp nest removal services.

    Pest control services for your Sutton business

    Commercial Pest Control Sutton

    Integrum supports businesses with pest control services in Sutton. We’ve worked with all types of companies, no matter the size, to provide pest risk reduction services to cure any pest problem they may have.


    If you own a business in Sutton and have noticed pests causing damage, it does not directly mean that your business is dirty. It happens to most properties in Sutton due to its close location to London. Our dedicated team can help clear any infestation away in no time at all while using a cost-effective strategy, preventing pests from returning to your Sutton business.


    Feel free to contact us to learn more about our commercial pest control services in Sutton. Or read below for some case studies of the clients we’ve had the please of helping.

    Pigeon control Sutton

    Brunel University London is a public research university located in the Uxbridge area of London, England. Our bird proofing team installed pin and wire across six window ledges to prevent access to birds. Maintenance costs for the university have since reduced due to the decrease in cleaning needed for bird fouling.

    Bird proofing Sutton

    An airport cargo facility had a longstanding rodent issue at their site. After frustrations with their current pest control supplier, they approached Integrum for a fresh set of eyes. We opted to implement our digital pest management equipment, including cameras and sensor traps to determine the extent of the issue and quickly solve the infestation.

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