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Our experienced and highly qualified team offers pest control and proofing services across the borough of Enfield. So, whatever pest is causing you trouble, we've got you covered.

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Effective 24/7 Pest Control Services in Enfield

Are you looking for effective and discreet pest control services in the borough of Enfield? Then you’re in the right place. Here at Integrum, we offer our extensive range of pest control services across London and the South East of England, helping homes and businesses to stay pest-free for good. So, why choose us?


  • Local Enfield technicians
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  • Over 70 years of experience in the industry
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Have You Noticed Pests on Your Enfield Property?

    Pest Control Treatments for Your Enfield Home

    With a population of over 350,000 people condensed into a rather small area, there’s no wonder that the London borough of Enfield suffers from pest problems. Homeowners across the borough find pest infestations in their homes and gardens every day, which is why we’re on hand to help 24/7!


    Once pests decided to call your home their own, it can be extremely challenging to remove them without the help of a local pest control professional. Pests, including cockroaches, and bed bugs, are able to breed at rapid rates meaning time is of the essence. Contact us as soon as you first notice the signs of pests in your home.


    In order to swiftly solve your pest control problems, our Enfield-based technicians undergo rigorous training with the BPCA and the Royal Society for Public Health. This training, combined with years of experience, means you can be confident in our abilities to have you pest-free in no time at all.


    Which pests do you treat in Enfield?

    Our Enfield technicians are on hand to deliver our entire range of pest control services to homes across the borough. Whether it’s rodents, insects, or birds causing you trouble, we’re here to help. At Integrum, our experienced team members carry out pest control, pest proofing, and specialist services across all London boroughs, as well as giving expert advice and guidance to all.


    Learn more about our most popular pest control treatments in Enfield below.


    Rodent Control Enfield

    Rodents and London unfortunately go hand in hand. Rodent control services for rats and mice are some of our most popular treatments in Enfield. We begin by locating the source of the problem, finding ingress points and affected areas, before utilising high-quality rat boxes, traps and professional-grade poisons to successfully remove the infestation. Once the pests have been removed, we will carry out proofing treatments to ensure they cannot return.


    Learn more about rat control.

    Learn more about mice control.


    Squirrel Control Enfield

    Squirrels nesting in your loft is a surprisingly common problem for homeowners across Enfield. With a mixture of urban areas and more rural, greenery, the borough has become somewhat of a hotspot for squirrels. Don’t let their cute appearance fool you though; squirrels can cause extensive damage to your home and gardens. We use a combination of live trapping and rodent proofing to remove the infestation and prevent their return.


    Learn more about squirrel pest control.


    Bed Bug Control Enfield

    London is a bustling tourist destination, with travellers coming and going round the clock from all over the world, so there’s no surprise that bed bugs are a common pest problem in Enfield. When it comes to removing a bed bug infestation it’s vital to remove the pests in all stages of their life, so the problem cannot return. We use a combination of chemical and heat treatments to do so – leaving your loved ones safe from the threat of bed bugs.


    Learn more about bed bug control.


    Wasp Control Enfield

    Wasp nests begin to spring up in homes and gardens across Enfield during the summer months. Unfortunately, this is also the time of year when they are the most aggressive, attacking passersby even when unprovoked. To avoid harm, please keep your distance from the nests. Our wasp nest removals are carried out by experienced technicians with the appropriate PPE and high-grade insecticides.


    Learn more about wasp control.


    Ant Control Enfield

    While they’re not the most destructive or harmful pests we treat, ant infestations can quickly spiral out of control. Using professional-grade insecticides, our technicians will remove ant infestations in your Enfield home or garden in no time at all. Multiple visits are sometimes required, depending on the severity of the infestation and the location of the nest.


    Learn more about ant pest control cost.


    Moth Control Enfield

    Clothes and Carpet moths cause extensive damage to your treasured possessions, eating their way through your clothing and soft furnishings to survive. We use a combination of heat and chemical treatments to target all cycles of moth life including eggs, larvae and adults.


    Learn more about moth fumigation London.


    Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels Enfield

    We’re Enfield’s number one pigeon-proofing solar panel company. Our specialist, unique mesh is designed to provide long-lasting protection from the damage birds can cause to solar panels; helping to protect your investment for years to come.


    Learn more about pigeon proofing solar panels.

    Learn more about bird control.

    Fox Control Enfield

    Our humane fox control services are designed to protect your home and garden from the damage caused by fox infestations.

    Cockroach Control Enfield

    Cockroach infestations can get out of hand fast, leaving you at risk of catching illnesses like Dysentry, Salmonellosis, and Listeriosis.

    Flea Control Enfield

    If you have pets in your Enfield home, then you're at risk of a serious flea infestation. Using professional insecticides, we will have your home back to normal in no time.

    Commercial Pest Control in Enfield

    Your local technicians are also on hand to deliver commercial pest management and control services for businesses across the borough of Enfield.

    Our full range of pest control services is available to all businesses in the area, so whatever you do, we’ve got you covered. We’ve worked with a wide range of local businesses in various industries including education, construction, healthcare, offices and hospitality; protecting you, your customers, and your staff from the threat of pests and the dangers they cause.


    We know from experience that pests and businesses do not mix. Pests on your commercial property can result in extensive damage to the building, health and safety risks to the public and your staff thanks to the diseases pests carry, and wasted stock caused by destruction or consumption.


    Whether you run a large or small business, it’s vital to have a pest control contract in place to protect your integrity and remain legally compliant. Any harm that comes to customers or the public because of a pest infestation you’ve failed to control could mean you’re liable – resulting in costly damages and a negative impact on your reputation.


    In order to help protect and maintain your brand’s reputation and standing in the community, we offer discreet services for all businesses in Enfield.


    If you’ve noticed signs of pests on your commercial property in Enfield, then it’s time to contact your local pest control professionals. Use our live chat feature to learn more about our commercial pest control services, or contact us today to get a free quote with no obligations and book your site survey.


    Check out our recent commercial pest control case studies below:

    Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels - Affordable Housing, Oakwood

    Many new housing estates are implementing solar panels in a push for sustainability, but did you know they are a prime target for pigeons looking to nest? Pigeons had nested under the solar panels on numerous homes in this new estate in Oakwood, creating a mess with their droppings, placing occupants at risk of disease, and damaging the solar panels too. We completed a site survey and removed all birds in the area, before employing our expert pigeon proofing methods around all solar panels to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

    Guano Removal - Warehouse, Edmonton

    We were contacted by a company that owns a storage facility in Edmonton that needed a deep clean of their warehouse. Birds had been nesting in the rafters and leaving their excrement all over the floor below. Bird droppings, also called guano, contains numerous diseases and can be very slippery. Using our specialist guano removal treatment and disinfection services, we quickly made the warehouse safe again for employees.

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