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We offer pest control and proofing services for rodents, insects and birds across the NW1 area, helping keep your Camden home or business safe.

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When you discover signs of pests in your home or business you need fast, discreet, effective and long-lasting solutions – which is exactly what we do. Integrum services the London borough of Camden, as well as the rest of the capital and the South East of England.


Our dedicated Camden pest controllers offer the following:

  • Same day response
  • 24/7 pest control advice over the phone
  • Pet friendly and discreet options
  • BPCA and RSPH certified technicians
  • Innovative solutions and return visits
  • Three Best Rated Pest Control Company in London


Every pest problem is unique, which is why we offer free quotes with no obligation. Our friendly team is on hand for pest control advice and emergency appointments, so give us a call today to get rid of your pest problem for good.


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    Pest Control Solutions in Camden

    With over 300,000 people in the London borough of Camden, there’s no surprise that the number of pests is also high. Pest problems are rife throughout the borough, and DIY solutions are insufficient to eliminate the issue.


    As soon as you notice signs of pests on your property, it’s vital to contact a pest control professional. Our pest control technicians have years of experience in the industry and are fully qualified to deal with all sorts of pests. So whether it’s squirrels, bed bugs, mice, or birds causing you trouble, you can feel confident that we’ve got it covered.


    Rodent Control Camden

    Rodents and London go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise that our rodent control and proofing services are top-rated across the capital. First, we locate the problem area and lay our control solutions using professional-grade equipment. We then return to the property at a later date to ensure the rodents are no longer present before proofing said area to prevent their return.


    Learn more about Rat Control.


    Learn more about Mice Control.


    Learn more about Squirrel Control.


    Insect Control Camden

    Due to their smaller size, insect problems are much more challenging to identify than rodents. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Unfortunately, insect infestations can quickly get out of control, so you must contact a pest control service as soon as you spot the signs. Integrum offers services for a broad range of insects, including cockroaches, bed bugs, and fleas, so whatever creature is causing you trouble, we’ve got you covered.


    Bird Control Camden

    We’re Camden’s most established and experienced pigeon proofing solar panel company. Alongside this, we offer a wide range of bird control and proofing solutions, including the groundbreaking BirdAlert system that’s revolutionising the industry.


    Learn more about our Bird Control services.

    Fox Control Camden

    We offer pet-friendly fox control solutions to deal with the high volume of foxes across London.

    Moth Control Camden

    Moths in your home can cause irreversible damage to your favourite clothes and soft furnishings.

    Woodworm Control Camden

    Despite their size, woodworm can cause structural damage to your Camden property.

    Commercial Pest Control for Camden Businesses

    As pest control experts, we know that businesses and pests do not mix. Having pests on your commercial premises can not only lead to damage but also places you, your staff, and your customers at risk of contracting diseases.


    Because of this, it’s vital to sort out a pest problem as soon as you discover it. DIY methods are rarely effective, and the longer you leave it, the worse the situation gets, thanks to the rapid breeding rates of most pests.


    At Integrum, we offer discreet and effective pest control treatments for all types of businesses. So whether you run a corner shop, a restaurant, or you manage a public building – we’ve got it covered. Our Commercial Pest Control services have helped many businesses across Camden and the rest of London; take a look at our recent cases below:

    Rats at a local shop, South Hampstead

    This small business owner contacted us regarding a rat problem. The owner had noticed signs of a pest problem outside and didn't think much more about it. Until the signs began to show inside the building and customers noticed. We arranged a next-day appointment, and our Camden technicians laid down several rat control solutions. We returned a week later to ensure the shop was rat-free before applying rat-proofing methods to prevent their return.

    Pigeon Proofing in Primrose Hill

    A public building in Primrose Hill, Camden, was having trouble with pigeons nesting across their window ledges and the roof. The pigeon droppings were creating a dangerous slip hazard on the floor below, and there had been a small number of injuries sustained from this problem. To keep the public safe and prevent the institution from serious trouble and legal fees, we removed the pigeons on the property and installed bird spikes in the problem areas to prevent their return.

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