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If your home or business has become infested with rats, mice, wasps or any other insect or bug, then you require the services of your local Barnet pest control expert.

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Your Barnet home should be free from the health risks and damage that pests bring with them. Our local pest control experts are proud to offer:


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    Pest Control Solutions in Barnet

    The London borough of Barnet was formed back in 1965 when parts of Middlesex and Hertfordshire were merged. Situated in North London, the popular area is currently home to over 400,000 people, making it the largest borough of London by population. The borough is home to idyllic scenery and green spaces thanks to the group of hills positioned along the London Basin.


    Despite its pleasant appearance, the borough of Barnet is home to a vast amount of pests thanks to its proximity to Central London and its high population. Because of this many Barnet homeowners will fall victim to a pest infestation in their home at least once in their lifetime.


    If pests find their way into your Barnet home and start to breed, they can cause a significant amount of damage that will result in pricy repair jobs. The rate at which a number of rodents, bugs and insects can multiply is astounding; making it vital for you to contact a professional pest control company as soon as you notice the signs of their presence in your home.


    The longer you leave it, the worse the problem gets and the more expensive the necessary treatments become to rid your home of pests.


    You can have confidence in our Barnet pest control team, as all technicians undergo rigorous training with the British Pest Control Association and the Royal Society for Public Health. Their training and experience mean we can confidently solve any pest problem you might be suffering from with permanent and guaranteed eradication services.


    Which pests do you treat in Barnet?

    Our wide range of pest control services are available to ALL Barnet areas, including but not limited to Burnt Oak, Chipping Barnet, Cricklewood, Edgware, Finchley Church End, Golders Green and North Finchley. Typically, our most common pests to deal with in Barnet are rodents and insect infestations. Although, our expert team are more than capable of dealing with any pest issue you find in your home, from foxes to moles and bed bugs to wasps. As well as treatments, we can offer advice and guidance to help you keep your home pest-free.


    If you’ve noticed signs of pests in your Barnet home or business, take a look at the list of pests we treat below for more information.


    Rodent control Barnet

    All of our rodent treatments begin with a survey of the property to identify the source of the problem. We then treat the affected area using our expert proofing techniques and use various rat control solutions, like rat boxes and traps, to remove the problem for good.


    Learn more about rat control.

    Learn more about mice control.


    Squirrel control Barnet

    Many squirrel infestations are confused for being rats or mice, due to the similarities in their activity and the damage they cause. If squirrels enter your Barnet home, then it’s vital to remove them as soon as possible to prevent structural damage. Our local Barnet squirrel control services use live traps and expert proofing measures to prevent them from ever returning.


    Learn more about squirrel control.


    Bed Bug control Barnet

    Bed bugs can easily make their way into your Barnet home or business on your shoes, clothing, suitcases, and even furniture that you bring into your home. We offer numerous bed bug control services, including heat treatments, chemical treatments and a combination of both for more severe cases.


    Learn more about bed bug control.


    Wasp control Barnet

    Most common in the summer months, wasp infestations and nests can place you and your loved ones at serious risk. They have an aggressive nature and the ability to sting – even when unprovoked. Our effective wasp nest removal services are available across the borough of Barnet, with our technicians able to remove the issue in just one visit.


    Learn more about wasp control.


    Ant control Barnet

    Ants in the summer can prevent you from using your outdoor space, and even make their way inside your Barnet property. Using professional-grade insecticides, our technicians can remove the ant infestation and provide advice on how to keep your home ant-free in the future.


    Learn more about ant control.


    Moth control Barnet

    Moths can cause a surprising amount of damage once they make their way inside your home; eating their way through your clothes and soft furnishings and even causing structural damage to your Barnet home over extended periods of time. We use chemical and heat treatments to remove all moths at all stages of their life cycle.


    Learn more about moth control.


    Pigeon proofing solar panels Barnet

    Here at Integrum, we’re proud to be Barnet’s most established and experienced pigeon proofing solar panel company. We have our own unique, specialist mesh which we use to prevent access to your solar panels for all birds.


    Learn more about pigeon proofing solar panels.

    Fox control Barnet

    We offer humane trapping and removal services across Barnet to keep your family safe from the threat of foxes.

    Cockroach control Barnet

    Cockroach infestations can get out of hand fast due to their rapid breeding rate. If you've noticed signs of cockroaches, then contact us today for guaranteed removal.

    Flea control Barnet

    Fleas will enter your home via your pets, but once they've made their way into your soft furnishings it can be difficult to remove them. Protect your loved ones with our expert flea removal services.

    Rabbit control Barnet

    Wild rabbit infestations are more serious than you might first think. Protect yourself from the damage they cause with our rabbit control services.

    Commercial Pest Control for Barnet Businesses

    It’s vital to keep your business pest-free at all times as they can seriously damage your reputation and place your staff and customers at risk. Additionally, the wide range of potentially life-threatening diseases they carry and the damage they cause can result in expensive fines and costly treatments if they are left to worsen.


    Once pests have decided to call your business premises home, they’re unlikely to leave without intervention from a professional pest control company in Barnet.


    At Integrum, we offer effective and discreet pest control services for all types of pests for all types of industries. Our commercial pest control experience has already helped many blue-chip organisations such as British Airways and the BBC. View our case studies below:

    Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels, Barnet

    Our team was recently entrusted to carry out pigeon proofing solar panel services for a new housing estate in Barnet. We fitted our unique mesh around the perimeter of numerous properties in order to protect their solar panels from the threat of damage caused by birds nesting underneath them. This helped to protect their investment and keep them bird-free for the future.

    Seagull Control Barnet

    We were contacted by a hospital in Barnet regarding a severe seagull problem. Seagulls are protected by law, so it's essential to only use humane and non-invasive solutions to control them. This is exactly what we did; our innovative Bird Alert scaring system is revolutionising seagull control in Barnet and across the UK, helping businesses maintain bird free environments.

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