Bird Spike Services

Integrum Services offer a range of bird spike services. We've used spikes as a control method on many pest bird problem sites with great success. Learn more if bird spikes are the right control method for your business below.

Professional Bird Spike Installations

Bird spikes services have been used as an effective bird control method for many years. They work by stopping pest birds from sitting (perching) in their desired area. These areas tend to include shop fronts, ledges, gutters and pipes. At Integrum Services, we use bird spikes as an effective bird proofing method, protecting our clients from the noise, mess, disruption and health risks birds cause to customers and staff. Furthermore, from a commercial point of view, bird droppings can cause significant damage to buildings and stock, resulting in cleaning costs and lost revenue.


Our expert bird proofing team have installed 1000’s of bird spikes in our time, and our expertise in this field allows us to recommend if bird spiking is the correct option for your business. If it isn’t, we have a range of different solutions that could help. Depending on the question bird, you may need different size spikes to deter them; for example, seagulls are larger than pigeons, so they will need stronger and more robust spikes.


To learn more about how to get rid of pigeons or how to get rid of seagulls, please visit our helpful guides.

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    The Benefits of Bird Spikes

    Bird spikes come in two different forms, plastic and metal. Both materials effectively stop pest birds from perching in their desired area. So, let’s look at the advantages of your business if you choose bird spikes as a control method.

    • Spikes tend to have a long-lasting effect on the problem area.
    • They are a fantastic option for environmentally-conscious companies.
    • When installed correctly, they can stick to any surface (brick, metal and wood).
    • Bird spikes are a cost-effective solution compared to some other bird control methods.
    • Bird spikes do not harm birds in any way; they stop them from using the spiked area as a nesting or roosting ground.

    For more information on our bird spike services, please call our friendly team on 0208 914 7894.

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    Why Choose Integrum?

    Free Surveys

    To best understand your business needs, we will visit your site to conduct a free survey. Bird spikes are great, but there may be a more effective bird control method for you.

    Highest Quality

    Our experience in bird control has led us to form fantastic partnerships with high-quality bird spike manufacturers. We only use the best material to ensure a long-lasting impact.

    Excellent Reviews

    You'll find an abundance of fantastic online reviews listed on Google, Checkatrade and Trustpilot talking about our bird proofing services.

    Fully Accredited

    Installing bird spikes can be dangerous due to working at height. Any expert that visits your site is IPAF certified and has working at height training. Furthermore, Integrum is CEPA certified in the UK.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    • Do bird spikes work for small birds?