Specialist Cleaning London

Integrum offers a wide range of specialist cleaning services across London and the southeast, including high-level cleaning, guano removal, and builder cleans.

Professional Cleaning for London's Commercial Businesses

Integrum has years of experience providing specialist cleaning services in London and its surrounding areas of Surrey, Sussex and Kent. Our technicians are highly qualified, accredited with the RSPH and have lots of experience in high-level commercial cleaning for industries such as aviation, construction, education, hospitality and more.


No matter the challenge or the environment that needs cleaning, we’re prepared to deal with it using our high-grade personal protective equipment (PPE). Furthermore, we offer emergency response and 24/7 availability as we’ve learned over the years that fast action can save thousands of pounds worth of damage.



If you would like to discuss our commercial cleaning services for businesses in London, please call our team on 0208 914 7894.

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    Specialist Cleaning Services

    Using our specialist services, you can restore the most challenging areas and environments. We’re focused on providing the best service in health, safety, and hygiene and have experience providing these services to various sectors and clients. Our team is highly trained and accredited with the RSPH to ensure you only receive the best result for your cleaning project. Furthermore, we invest heavily in medical-grade PPE to keep our staff safe while performing these challenging tasks.


    Hazardous Waste Cleaning

    Waste that is identified as hazardous includes anything that can damage wildlife, the environment, and public health. Our hazardous waste cleaning services are available to clean any dangerous environment, such as those where needles, drug paraphernalia and sharps may be present.


    Fire and Flood Cleaning

    Fires and floods cause extensive damage and bring with them unwanted residue. Our emergency cleanup services are on hand to help restore your property from water, flood and fire damage and help put your mind at ease. We’ll visit the impacted area and decide on the best approach to sanitise, clean and prevent the damage from reoccurring. Furthermore, using dehumidifiers, we can speed up drying in areas with poor airflow. Finally, decontaminating an area that has been damaged by fire or water is important to limit any contaminates that may have appeared.


    Disinfection Cleaning

    Although there has been an outbreak of coronavirus in recent months, we’ve provided our disinfection services for many years in the aviation and airport sector to control the spread of viruses such as MRSA, Norovirus and EBOLA. In addition, we offer emergency response disinfection cleaning services to help companies act fast to any potential outbreak. Disinfection is not new to our team and using our ULV fogging and manual touchpoint cleaning; we can reduce the risk in areas that have been identified as contaminated.


    Bird Guano Cleaning

    Bird control is something we’re well versed in, and our team has a combined 70+ years of experience in the pest and bird control industry. Unfortunately, with birds comes guano (dropping), which is extremely dangerous to public health. Furthermore, droppings can damage building brick and stone, which causes discolouration and staining. With our years of experience in this field, we can restore areas that have been impacted by pigeons and seagulls using a range of sanitising products and equipment. For more information on how to get rid of pigeons or how to get rid of seagulls please read visit our helpful guides.


    Kitchen Extraction and Supply Systems

    Commercial kitchens which use extraction systems are known to build up an extensive amount of grease, which without the equipment and products used by our team can be near impossible to remove. If your kitchen supply system has become blocked by grease and particles, it must be cleaned to extend the product’s life, improve its effectiveness and reduce the risk of a potential fire.

    South London Flood Damage

    Following a spell of heavy rainfall, cladding and roof membrane on a South London based storage facility collapsed and allowed water to pour through, causing extensive water damage to the building. Our specialised cleaning team organised the contents of the goods to be removed and implemented flood control measures to direct water away from the building. Our fast emergency response to the flood saved the storage facility thousands of pounds worth of damage that otherwise would have occurred.

    British Airways

    Integrum has provided a range of cleaning services to British Airways, and IAG Cargo, including guano cleans at their terminals and hangers. Unfortunately, pigeons had found an area to perch and bulk found in one of their terminals. Hence, our team removed the birds using bird proofing techniques before commencing with a deep clean to remove all potential diseases and bacteria associated with pigeon and bird guano in general.

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