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    • North London

      If you're looking for a professional pest control company based in North London, you're in the right place. Integrum Services offer pest control solutions in the capital and all its surrounding areas. Our experience has kept homes and businesses free and safe from pests for many years.

      Pest Control North London

      Pest management services in North London

      Unfortunately, pests are standard across the UK’s capital. The large population and dense living conditions make food and shelter easy for rodents, insects and bugs to live. Choosing the right North London Pest Control company can be challenging; however, we’re confident that our experienced team of British Pest Control Association (BPCA) certified technicians and surveyors could solve your pest problem with efficiency and professionalism.


      So, if you need emergency pest control in areas such as Highbury, Enfield, Haringey or any other surrounding area of North London, feel free to contact our team on 0208 914 7894 or email at office@integrumservices.co.uk for some helpful advice or to learn more about our pest control London pricing.

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        North London species and guide

        Find the correct pest

        Unsure which pest is causing issues at your North London home? We have an abundance of helpful information on our website, visit our pest control services page to read more detail on the most common pests we come across in North London. We’re proud to be a family run business that operates nationally for commercial clients and around the South-East for domestic clients; our team has dealt with all types of issues and can make sure your home is free from pests using discreet and cost-effective solutions.


        Some of the most prevalent pests we deal with include:
        Ants: you’ll notice black ants in your garden and kitchen during the summer months. Although they do not carry any diseases themselves, who knows where they have been walking before visiting your kitchen. Furthermore, they can be unsightly when seen marching across your food.
        Cockroaches: although cockroaches are typical across North London, they must be stopped as soon as you notice signs. Cockroaches in your kitchen are potentially dangerous as they carry diseases such as salmonella.
        Fleas: homes with animals tend to be the most at risk of flea infestations, although, if the previous owner had pets, they could still be causing problems.
        Moths: noticed damage to your clothes, carpet or fabrics? Moths could be the problem; they damage materials and can multiply and turn into a more costly removal process when left untreated.
        Wasps: you won’t find a more cost-effective solution for wasp nest removal in all of the South-East.


        Rats tend to live outside homes but during the winter months they move indoors for warmth.


        Can you hear noises inside your home? There is a high chance it could be mice.

        Bed Bugs

        Bed bugs thrive in North London and will give you sleepless nights until they are removed.

        Remove pests from your North London home

        DIY pest control tips

        We offer a range of helpful pest control guides to help remove pests from your North London home. Although we recommend using a professional pest control company like ourselves, we understand this is not always possible. Scroll through the option below to learn more DIY methods on removing pests from your home.

        How to get rid of mice

        Mice are known spreaders of a range of different diseases, making them crucial to remove as soon as you notice signs. The first step is to identify if mice are causing you problems; the easiest way to do this is by looking at droppings.

        How to get rid of wasps

        Removing a wasp nest on your own can be extremely dangerous. We recommend leaving it to trained professionals, however, if you're adamant on removing it yourself we want you to be safe. Our guide offers four helpful tips as well as guidance on how not to remove a wasp nest.

        Pigeons under solar panels?

        Pigeons cause extensive problems to your solar investment, visit your article for six tips of what you should do to protect your solar panels from pest birds such as pigeons and seagulls.

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