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Finding pests on your property can be an extremely distressing discovery, but it’s essential to act fast and contact your local Brent pest control provider. Here at Integrum, we are proud to offer the following:


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    Professional Pest Control Solutions in Brent

    The London borough of Brent has a large population of over 350,000 and is made up of a mixture of industrial, commercial and residential land. Unfortunately, this combination provides the perfect environment for a number of pests. 


    These pests will make their way into your home in order to find sources of food, water and shelter. But once they’ve made their way inside, it can be challenging to get rid of them. 


    Pests, like rats and mice, cause considerable amounts of damage to your property; gnawing their way through your home’s floorboards, fascias and skirting boards, as well as electrical cables! Not only causing issues that require costly repair jobs but creating fire hazards too.


    On top of these damages, pests are known carriers of diseases. Their presence in your home places you and your loved ones at risk. The bacteria they carry can be spread to humans and other animals and could lead to potentially life-threatening diseases. 


    On top of these problems, pests like cockroaches and bed bugs can replicate at extremely fast rates. This means that infestations can quickly get out of hand. Because of this, it’s vital to contact your local Brent pest control professional at Integrum as soon as you first notice the signs of pests. 


    At Integrum, all of our technicians are fully qualified by the BPCA and the RSPH, with years of experience in the industry. Using this experience and knowledge, we can provide permanent and guaranteed pest control treatments for all pests across Brent. 


    What pests do you treat in Brent?

    We carry out various pest control services across the London Borough of Brent districts, including Kilburn, Willesden, Wembley, Harlesden, Stonebridge, Kingsbury, Kensal Green and Queen’s Park. 


    With years of experience and thorough training, we’re confident that there’s no pest we can’t control. From rats and mice to moths and ants, birds and even foxes – we’ve got you covered. Use our live chat feature or call today on 0204 566 5522 to book your free survey.


    Take a look at the wide range of pest control services we offer across Brent below.


    Rodent Control Brent

    Rodent infestations are probably the most common pest control problem that we deal with across all London Boroughs, especially Brent. To effectively remove the infestation, we begin by locating the source of the problem and finding all potential entry points around your home. Then we use rat boxes, traps and professional-grade poisons to eradicate the infestation before proofing problem areas to prevent their return. 


    Learn more about rat control.

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    Squirrel Control Brent

    As squirrels are also rodents, many homeowners mistake them for being rats or mice. While they look cute with their fluffy tails, squirrels can cause severe damage to your property when they decide to nest in your loft space. To combat this, we conduct a free survey to identify the squirrel infestation before using live trapping and rodent proofing to help keep them away for good. 


    Learn more about squirrel pest control.


    Bed Bug Control Brent

    Despite popular opinion, a bed bug infestation is nothing to be ashamed of; it is not a sign of uncleanliness, and it can happen to anyone. We provide expert bed bug control to help protect anyone who has found themselves in this situation from the extreme discomfort bed bugs can cause. Using heat and chemical treatments, we will remove the infestation in all stages of life to ensure they cannot return. 


    Learn more about bed bug control.


    Wasp Control Brent

    Wasps tend to nest during the summer months; however, this is also the time of year when they tend to be most aggressive. If wasps have decided to make their nest on your property, then we strongly advise leaving them alone. Attempting to remove the nest yourself without adequate PPE can result in serious injury. Instead, leave it up to us as we have the professional equipment and know-how to eradicate the infestation in just one visit.


    Learn more about wasps pest control.


    Ant Control Brent

    Ant infestations get out of hand fast; before you know it, that small nest in your garden has developed into hundreds of ants all over your kitchen. We use professional-grade insecticides to eradicate the infestation and provide you with the advice and guidance you require to help deter any future ant infestations.


    Learn more about ant pest removal.


    Moth Control Brent

    While most people may not consider moths to be a pest, the damage they can cause within your home suggests differently. They will chew their way through your most treasured possessions, leaving behind nothing but holes in your clothing and soft furnishings. Using chemical and heat treatments, we will successfully remove the infestation in your Brent home. 


    Learn more about moth removal London.


    Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels Brent

    Here at Integrum, we are the number one pest control company for Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels in Brent and the whole of London. Using specialist mesh, we will make your solar panels completely inaccessible to pigeons and seagulls. Helping you to protect your investment and keep your home and garden bird-free. 


    Learn more about pigeon proofing solar panels.

    Learn more about bird control.

    Fox Control Brent

    We offer 100% humane fox removal and proofing services for homes across the borough of Brent.

    Flea Control Brent

    Fleas can cause extreme discomfort to you and your pets. Keep you home flea-free using our expert flea control services.

    Rabbit Control Brent

    Wild rabbits will ruin your hard work in the garden and place you at risk of catching a potentially deadly disease. Protect your Brent residence with our rabbit control treatments.

    Commercial Pest Control in Brent

    Pests can have an extremely negative impact on your business’ success. Not only can they cause significant structural damage to your commercial property, but their presence can seriously impact your business’ reputation. The health and safety risks caused by pest infestations could also end up placing your staff and customers in serious danger, and it could even lead to complete business closure.


    Due to the problems a pest infestation causes, it’s vital to contact a local pest control professional as soon as possible to protect your Brent business.


    Here at Integrum, we have carried out hundreds of commercial pest control jobs across the borough of Brent and surrounding areas of London. As a business ourselves, we understand the impact an infestation can have on your company, which is why we offer discreet treatments to help protect your brand’s reputation. In our years offering commercial pest control treatments, we’ve worked with some big names including the BBC and British Airways; take a look at our recent case studies below.

    Pigeon Proofing in Dollis Hill, Brent

    We were recently contacted by a local public building in Dollis Hill that had received complaints about the amount of bird droppings on the floor. Pigeons had nested along their window ledges and roofline, resulting in an extreme amount of guano buildup on the floor below. This creates a dangerous slip hazard that could result in serious trouble and even expensive legal fees should an injury occur. As a result, we installed bird spikes around the problem areas of the building to create a barrier that will keep pigeons out for good.

    Rats at a Restaurant in Wembley, Brent

    An independent restaurant based in Wembley had found signs of rats across their kitchen, storage spaces, and outdoor areas. When we conducted our free survey of the commercial premises, we discovered that the infestation was out of control. Using a combination of rat traps, boxes, and poisons, we successfully removed the infestation in full before proofing all problem areas to prevent their return. Helping this restaurant stay legally compliant with the Food Safety Act 1990, preventing business closure and maintaining those essential high cleanliness standards.

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