In the last few weeks we have been receiving lots of calls regarding squirrels in lofts across Surrey and London. Our resident expert in squirrel control has wrote some useful information regarding squirrels. Grey squirrels are becoming more and more of a common pest. This means that squirrel removal is also becoming a more sought-after pest control treatment. Grey squirrels aren’t protected like their red cousins, and they thrive in an urban environment. Because of this, our homes and businesses are being disrupted. What kind of problems do squirrels cause? Squirrels may look cute, but having them on your property can actually be a major health hazard, and they can also do a lot of damage to your property. As much as we see squirrels jumping from tree to tree, they love to get in our lofts too. Squirrels can fit through the tiniest holes by flattening their bodies. Any openings that aren’t big enough they will simply chew them to make themselves fit. Having loose slates and a damaged roof is the perfect opportunity a squirrel needs to get into your home. Your loft insulation makes ideal material to build a nice, cosy nest, along with anything else you may have stored in there. Squirrels also will strip electrical wiring of its insulation, which is a real fire risk. Experts now believe 25% of house fires in the UK are caused by rodents (including squirrels) Getting help for squirrel control in London and Surrey Squirrels carry fleas and ticks which can then infest your home. Plus the scratching noises they make are really unpleasant. More and more squirrels are becoming used to being around humans, and mother squirrels become very aggressive if they feel their young are threatened. If you are experiencing a problem with squirrel control, it’s important to seek the help of a pest control professional. Squirrels must be caught humanely and trying to do so yourself could put your health at risk. Remember that squirrels are dangerous. Integrum Services a BPCA member and CHAS safe contractor accredited pest management company is lucky to have its own in-house expert on Wildlife Management, Our expert is not only Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) qualified but also holds a City and Guilds in Wildlife management. Pest control companies will investigate all the routes a squirrel may have got in by and ensure they are sealed off. After the squirrels have been removed from your property, make sure to thoroughly clean out the loft space. You should also take away any sources of food, like bird tables and seeds. Squirrels look cute on paper but leaving them in your home can be very distressing and dangerous for your health. Get in touch if you would like to discuss a London squirrel problem