A POUNDWORLD store faces huge fines after inspectors found a DEAD FOX and 108 dead mice in it. Croydon Crown Court heard this week how the fox and mice were found by pest controllers over an 11-month period at the store in Croydon, south London. Inspectors found that the Croydon Poundworld was selling candyfloss covered in mice urine Francesca Levett, prosecuting, told the court how inspectors from pest control firm NBC were called to the store in the Centrale Shopping Centre more than 40 times from 2015 to 2016. During 30 of the inspections, pest controllers found dead mice in the store, and on one occasion they found a dead fox 'on the shop floor', the Croydon Advertiser newspaper reported. The court heard how inspectors turned up at the Poundworld store on February 22 2016 and found food covered in mouse droppings and the store 'stinking of urine'. Mice urine and droppings were found on candy floss, popcorn, chocolate bars as well as on the shop floor, the court was told. When inspectors were examining the store, a mouse 'jumped out' at one inspector, the court heard. The court was also told that some food which had been 'gnawed at' by mice had been 'sellotaped' up and put back on the shelves at a reduced price. Inspectors found 108 dead mice in the store as well as a fox corpse that was rotting The shop was ordered not to sell food to customers for an 11-week period last year following a list from inspectors from Croydon Council. Bosses at the store have admitted five breaches of food safety regulations and two breaches of health and safety laws - and could face a fines of up to £500,000. During a hearing in April this year, Simon Kiely, prosecuting on behalf of Croydon Council, told Croydon JPs: "The way the prosecution put the case, fines upwards of half a million pounds would be the likely consequences." The case has been adjourned with sentencing set to take place later this year.