​Solar panels are the ideal environment for feral pigeons to nest and make their own.

We hope you choose us to complete the work for you, however if you
do decide to go with another company, here are some things to look
out for -

• Are they a pest control business or simply a builder or roofer who thinks they can complete the work effectively?

•The quality of the mesh is vital. We have seen some company's using cheap garden centre mesh which will fail and rust very quickly

• Are fixings non-intrusive so as to protect the warranty of the panels.

• Ask how the mesh actually be fixed-Make sure it wont be simply bent under the frames of the panels

• Are they proficient in bird control and do they hold a license to lawfully remove birds?

• Is the COMPANY a BPCA member, not just an employee or two with an entry level certificate? This is crucial as many companies still operate completely unregulated but advertise as having RSPH or BPCA trained staff. They may be trained but are they qualified? Ask to see proof if you are unsure.

• Are they CEPA / EN16636 certified? Don't just take their word as the truth, check for verification.

• Check that all waste be removed and contaminated areas treated with a biocide.

• Make sure the company registered as an upper tier waste carrier and that your waste wont end up dumpped at the side of the road.

• Beware of anybody who can complete the work too quickly. Why are they able to get the work done within a day or two? We may have a slight wait but for good reason and the differences in quality will be obvious.

• If somebody says they can do the work for £200 - £300, what sort of finished product will you be left with?