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  • Drone Surveys

    Drone technology provides you with a more comprehensive and flexible solution to access hard to reach areas.

    Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

    Ditch traditional surveys for real-time solutions

    Traditional surveys require working at height to be appropriately evaluated, are costly for hard-to-reach areas and come with significant health risks.


    UAVs are changing the way surveys take place. Offering an unrivalled ability to reach the most challenging areas with ease, you can inspect any building with a drone survey, no matter the difficulty.


    Our drones are operated by our team of licensed Civil Aviation Authority pilots, who have experience surveying the following:


    • Roof inspections
    • Bird netting inspections
    • High or inaccessible buildings
    • Blocked gutter identification
    • Wildlife monitoring
    • Heat loss identification
    • Solar panel inspections

    Find out more about our drone surveys

      Thousands of pounds worth of savings

      Benefits of using a drone inspection

      We use the latest drone technology to offer various benefits compared to the traditional scaffold, tower and lift inspection. When operated by our experienced and qualified pilots, we’re enabled to give a complete 360 overview of your building, site or premises.


      Get feedback from your building in real-time. Furthermore, we’re always up to date on the laws and legislation of flying UAVs in the UK and are knowledgeable on where it is safe to fly, where it might cause concerns and where flight is entirely restricted.


      • Reduced H&S risks
      • Lower inspection costs
      • Speed and clarity of inspection reports
      • Low monitoring costs
      • Thermal cost reduction
      • Assurance of CAA accredited pilots


      Drone surveying is revolutionising the way aerial surveys are being undertaken for previously hard to reach areas. For example, in the past, tall buildings would have required scaffolding, a lift or another method that would cost thousands of pounds or weeks to construct. With our skilled drone pilots, we can provide a highly accurate drone survey of an area that would have been put off or labelled as impossible in the past with ease.


      Drones need to be operated by a member of the CAA by law! Chat to our team on 0208 914 7894 to learn more about the options available to survey your project with our latest drone technology.

      Reduced risks

      Drones allow you to inspect areas of a building that otherwise would have been expensive due to the equipment and workforce needed, not to mention a risk to health and safety. In addition, UAVs can capture footage from various angles, allowing you to operate and inspect your project with more innovation.

      Thermal cost reduction

      Could you take advantage of our thermal cost reduction surveys? We're capable of working in many environments to perform thermal drone surveys that will provide actual cost savings for your building, farm or solar panels.

      4k high-quality image

      The drones we use to survey buildings all offer high-quality 4k footage in video and still photo format. In addition, having the ability to export and view high resolution imagery in real-time allows for highly accurate minor details to be inspected by a surveyor.

      No more scaffolds

      The ability to conduct aerial surveys with drones means that you can save time and money and prevent any possible safety issues usually present with scaffolding. In addition, the UAVs can capture data from previously inaccessible areas without ever having to place a piece of scaffold on the ground.

      Working at height is often a concern for employers, even when it is a small temporary scaffold or ladders. Our drone surveys can be shown with your surveyor present to analyse the captured data.

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