Pest Control For Construction Sites

Construction site pest control should not be overlooked for new construction sites, as they are perfect for pests to call home. Without a pre-construction pest plan in place, your staff and building structure are severely at risk.

Professional Pest Control for London's Construction Sites

Are you creating a pre-construction plan or have you already started with a new construction build? Construction site pest control is often overlooked when it comes to construction sites for new homes, corporate buildings or general construction sites. The damage pests can cause to the structure of your building can be scary, and many places don’t realise they need pest control before the problem is too late.


Site managers up and down the country should make themselves aware of the damage pests can cause, and be proactive in preventing it. Pests such as rats, mice and birds cause significant problems. They can seriously affect the health and safety of the staff who work on the site as they bring with them diseases which can cause considerable health implications. Furthermore, once sections are finished, we have often been contacted to pest-proof the finished area – taking projects over budget. Proofing could be in the form of bird netting or identifying pest entry points to treat. As mentioned before, the best approach is to be proactive and plan for pests from the very beginning – if you’ve already started construction, don’t worry and keep on reading.

Need Pest Control For Your Construction Site?

    Signs & Solutions For Your Construction Pest Problem

    More often than not, the common construction site pest control issues tend to be birds. Our bird proofing plan can be implemented at the design phase of a construction site to make sure birds will never damage the finished structure. Pigeons, seagulls and other birds are known to roost from roofs, solar panels and window ledges; luckily we have years of experience preventing birds from buildings.


    What are the main signs my construction site has a pest problem?

    1. Damage to equipment: Birds and rodents such as squirrels, rats and mice all build nests – this makes constructions sites perfect. The abundance of material available such as wood, packaging, wire, pallets and insulation can all be used to build a home. So, if you notice damage to any of your materials, it’s essential to contact a pest control company straight away.
    2. Pest droppings: No matter what pest is causing pain for your construction site, you’ll be able to notice droppings. Both rodent and bird droppings carry diseases with them. However, bird droppings (guano) can lastingly damage stone, wood and vehicle paintwork.
    3. You’ll see birds: Birds love construction sites. Well, birds love buildings in general. The high, covered buildings are ideal nesting areas. You should be able to notice birds gathering in numbers around the site when your workers start to finish. If you do see a large number returning in the evening, they’re likely to be using your construction site as a nesting spot.


    Construction Site Bird Proofing

    Whether your construction site is in the pre or post-construction phase, our team of bird proofing experts can help propose a helpful bird and pest management plan. We’ve worked on projects on all sizes and have provided bird management plans for the likes of British Airways and the BBC.


    construction site pest control


    Bird proofing for construction sites can come in many forms, such as netting, spikes, optical gel and more recently our fantastic BirdAlert bioacoustic bird scarer.


    We’re fully accredited to carry out all bird-related work and are even licensed by Natural England for pigeon control. Therefore, you can place your trust in us to keep you within the law when removing birds.


    Construction Site Pest Proofing

    The design and architecture of any building should take into account pest minimisation and management options. More often than not, we see poorly built structures that have not made any thought of pests, and pest ingress and harbourage points are clear to see.


    Construction site pest control for food premises is even more critical for food safety. Our experience with pest control on new construction sites can help prevent pest entry during the pre-construction phase. However, if the site is already built, then our team of experts can increase proofing, improve hygiene standards, as well as reduce or eradicate the pests that have gained access.

    Bird Control

    Please visit our bird proofing & control page to find out more of the bird related services we offer.

    Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

    We only use the most effective ways of excluding birds from under your solar panels.

    Bird Alert

    BirdAlert, cutting edge Internet of Things (IoT) technology to detect
    and scare birds.

    Drone Surveys

    Uncover any pest problems on site using our fully-licensed drone surveys.

    Rabbit Control

    Expert rabbit control solutions for all industries and domestic properties.

    Woodworm Treatments

    Woodworm infestations can cause extreme delays to projects. Keep your site woodworm-free with out treatments.

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    We do not charge to survey your site. Surveys are essential to understand which pest or bird is affecting your location and put together an effective pest or bird management plan.

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    We have a very high standard for our pest control technicians. All are trained to RSPH level 2, and we also have staff who are IPAF, PASMA and hold BPCA Diploma 2 qualifications.

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