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    • Seagull Control London

      Seagull control has grown in popularity as gulls move more inland from coats to our towns and cities. Seagulls are extremely loud and cause multiple problems for homeowners and businesses throughout the south-east and London.

      Seagull control London

      Humane and effective seagull pest management

      Seagulls and any other type of gulls have adapted to the change in their environment exceptionally well. Many have moved inland to our cities, causing damage by fouling, nesting on top of roofs, attacking people during nesting season, and overall offering businesses problems.


      We’re experts in gull control in London and further afield, and have experience dealing with bird problems at Heathrow and Gatwick airport. We can help manage your seagull problem but most importantly, stay within the law of gull control.

      Let's solve your seagull problem

        Why control seagulls?
        Seagull pest control damage caused

        We’ve completed 100’s of seagull control job around the capital city of London and the south-east. Throughout this, we’ve seen the most common issues present when gulls decide to nest at your building. Common seagull issues include:


        • Damage to buildings: when seagulls decide to nest at your facility, it often comes with problems. Their droppings and nesting materials are acidic and can stain vehicles, signage and building fronts.
        • Health risk: seagull guano (droppings) carry a range of diseases with them, and if they choose to nest near ventilation or rooftop appliances, the health risk is amplified.
        • Noise: during the nesting season from March till September gulls are extremely loud. 
        • Maintenance cost: cleaning buildings, signage and vehicles regularly brings with it costly maintenance.

        Seagull control law

        If you’re looking to manage the population of gulls in your area, you must be aware of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 which protects birds and their habitats.


        At Integrum Services, we love the fact that gulls are protected, and we can guide you through all the recommended steps to take to manage a population of gulls that are causing you problems – in a legal way.


        Business owners and homeowners across London and the south-east could be fined if they do not comply with the legislation. It’s crucial to contact us for seagull control and management advice to avoid any potential slip-ups.

        seagull pest control at London airport
        Seagull control services

        Options available to manage gull populations

        Over the years, we have developed an outstanding portfolio of seagull proofing and management techniques. If you’d like to learn more about our seagull control in London and the south-east, contact us today to speak to our expert seagull proofing team.


        • Seagull spikes
        • Seagull netting
        • Humane seagull management
        • Audio bird scarer
        • Seagull guano cleanups


        Seagulls are protected! It’s illegal to injure or kill any seagull intentionally. Chat to our team on 0208 914 7894 to learn more about the options available.

        Why choose Integrum Services seagull control?
        BPCA Surveyors

        We have a large team of BPCA certified surveyors ready to visit your property in London or the south-east of England. Our surveyors are highly trained and can offer expert guidance and advice on the management of gull populations.

        Trusted Supplier

        We've completed seagull proofing jobs for clients across the country. However, in London, we've been a trusted supplier for British Airways at Heathrow and Gatwick airport.

        5* Reviews

        We're proud of our reviews, and ask all our clients to share their feedback. Visit Google, Checkatrade and Trustpilot to browse through the abundance of 5* reviews we've received.

        Legally Compliant

        We understand the law, so you don't have to. Gull control done wrong can cost a business thousands of pounds in fines, not to mention the threat of prosecution.

        Choose The Integrum Way

        Frequently Asked Seagull Questions

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        • Can seagulls transmit diseases to humans?