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Over the years pigeons have moved into our urban cities and towns, surviving with relative ease. Unfortunately, they carry with them diseases and destroy buildings, making them crucial to control.

Professional Pigeon Control Services in London

Pigeons are the most common pest bird you will find across the city of London. Feeding on dropped food and generally being annoying through their noise and mess, they carry many diseases that pose great risks to humans. Getting rid of them on your own can be extremely difficult, and when left untreated, they multiply at rapid speed quickly increasing the removal process and cost.

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    Why Control Pigeons?

    Across the UK, you’ll often find pigeons causing problems for homeowners and businesses. If you own a business such as a shop, you’ll be very aware of the damage they cause and the risk they pose to your customers and staff. We’ve completed pigeon control jobs across London and further afield, in locations like Gatwick and Heathrow airport to homes for pigeon proofing solar panels work. Some of the most common pigeon related issues we come across include:


    • Guano: droppings are very acidic and look very bad when stained on the side of buildings. First impressions are everything, and if your business front is covered by guano, it sends the wrong message.
    • Damage: during bird nesting season, debris tends to build up and cause damage to drains. We also deal with pigeons damaging stock, costing companies thousands.
    • Diseases: pigeons are known to carry many diseases, making you, your staff and your customers sick.
    • Slipping hazard: usually, pigeons roost from window ledges and drop waste on the floor, a severe slipping risk.


    Integrum Services completing bird proofing out of a boom lift

    Pigeon Control Solutions

    We offer a wide range of bird proofing methods to help control pigeons at commercial and domestic properties. If you’re in the capital or the surrounding areas, please contact our specialist pigeon removal team to discuss which option would have the most beneficial impact on controlling pigeons at your location.



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