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Integrum Services is at the forefront of the bird proofing and control sector. We offer a wide range of control options across multiple scenarios to guarantee that pest birds no longer cause issues for your business.

Bird Proofing And Control Solutions

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With over 20 years of experience delivering bird control solutions to commercial and domestic clients across the UK, Integrum Services is leaders in pest bird management. From small clearances to proofing of airport terminals and hangars, we are capable of delivering the highest quality services and products to suit your needs. All of our staff are fully qualified with the British Pest Control Association, fully insured, and trained in all aspects of our work.‚Äč


We understand that almost every situation with pest birds is different and will always endeavour to carry out a full site survey where required to allow us to offer you the best possible solutions and all our surveys are free of charge.

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Bird Proofing Tactics

Our Bird Proofing & Prevention Techniques

Our years of experience in dealing with pest bird issues has allowed us to build a vast amount of knowledge in offering the following control measures.


SPIKES – These can be installed along ledges where birds perch or nest to deter them from landing in the area. They are ideal in areas of low to moderate pressure and can be fixed in place using high strength adhesives. Spikes are available in multiple heights and widths to suit the area in question. Spikes are very effective at keeping birds away but can be unsightly and are not always to everyone’s taste.


NETTING – This is likely to be the most commonly installed bird control measure available. Nets can be manufactured or cut to any size and are available in a variety of gauges and colours depending on the pest bird in question. With a wide range of mounting brackets and fixings on offer, netting can be designed and installed in almost any situation where birds are present. The nets themselves are very UV resistant and can be expected to last for 10 years or more. Various other options such as zips and net clips can be installed if required to allow access to the excluded area for maintenance and inspection purposes.


POST & WIRE – An ideal solution in low pressure situations, a series of metal posts are drilled into place or fixed in adhesive mounts along the area in need of protection before small, plastic coated wires are passed through and held in place using small tension springs. This is a very discreet control measure and can be installed along almost any area from window ledges to ridge tiles.


OPTICAL GEL – A relatively modern product, optical gel is applied to small UV resistant dishes that are held in place by a high strength adhesive along leading edges to deter pest birds. The gel harbours potent visual and olfactory effects that are very effective at keeping birds away. The product is non-toxic and can be expected to remain active for 2 years before replacement would need to be considered.


ELECTRIC TRACK – A very discreet option that requires a bespoke design for every installation. The track is fixed in place along the area being pressured by birds and is connected to a powered energiser unit that sends an electrical current around the whole circuit, emitting a small shock to any birds that land on the system. This is a very effective way of keeping high risk areas free of bird activity when a minimalist approach is required.

Sussex Schools Solar Panels

A large installer of solar panels reached out to Integrum to assist with a joint project between West Sussex County Council and Portsmouth City Council where 150 panels were installed across 2 buildings on the school grounds. As part of the contract, the installers were required to prevent birds from gaining access to underneath the panels and opted to have our specialist mesh fitted over a 2 day period.

Brunel University

One of the university buildings was experiencing pigeon issues with birds sitting and fouling on the window ledges. A non-intrusive deterrent measure was required so we opted to install 6 runs of pin and wire on each ledge using high strength adhesive base mounts. Access was achieved safely using an 18m articulated boom lift, operated by one of our IPAF trained bird specialists.

Airport Cargo

An airport cargo facility with a longstanding rodent issue in the offices approached Integrum due to frustrations with another supplier. We quickly deployed our digital pest management equipment including cameras and sensor traps to determine the extent of the issue and quickly gain control of the infestation. This equipment notifies us of any movement instantly and sends images directly to our technicians, offering 24-hour coverage in key locations.

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